Your body uses water in lots of different ways, such as building cells and organs, regulating body temperature and absorbing vitamins. Water is also essential for digestive and bowel health.

Your body loses water through sweating, breathing and even digestion, so it is super important to rehydrate by taking in water and other healthy drinks.

But, let’s face it… water can be a little bit… well… boring can’t it?

We’re BIG fans of getting more from your daily drinks here at Rowan House Centre. From superfood smoothies packed with flavour to delicious and refreshing fruit infused water, it’s easy to squeeze extra vitamins and nutrients into your diet by turning hydration into something a little more fun! Here’s a few of our favourites… 



A yummy smoothie is a great way to start your day the right way. As well as being quick and easy to make they’re also a great way to hydrate your body first thing and get a daily dose of fruit and vegetables into the whole family. Unlike juicing, which removes the pulp of the fruit; smoothies retain all the goodness and fibre within. Hurray!

Here are two of our favourite super breakfast smoothie recipes 

  1. Raspberry, banana and pink grapefruit smoothie

This super smoothie is packed with antioxidants and vitamin C. It smells great and tastes delicious too! For a subtle change in flavour, try experimenting with different types of honey, such as blossom, Manuka or acacia.

You’ll need:

  • 2 bananas, peeled
  • 1 cup fresh raspberries
  • 1 tablespoon thick honey
  • 2 1/2 cups pink grapefruit juice

Roughly chop the bananas and place in a blender, add the raspberries, honey and half the pink grapefruit juice. Blend until smooth.

Pour into a jug and add the rest of the pink grapefruit juice. Cover and chill for five minutes.

Stir and pour into glasses to serve.

  1. Super delicious green smoothie

Straight from the desk of our Nutritional Therapist Catherine Jeans this simple, superfood packed smoothie is just thing for when you need a little pick-me-up. The kale and spinach give you a double superfood boost of fibre, antioxidants, calcium and vitamins, whilst the cucumber adds extra hydration and the ginger gives this recipe a little zing!

You’ll need:

  • 1 ripe pear
  • 1 handful of kale (organic if possible)
  • 1 handful of spinach (organic if possible)
  • Squeeze of lemon
  • 1 inch of ginger, peeled and finely chopped
  • Half a cucumber
  • 1 tablespoon of pumpkin seeds
  • Water to achieve desired consistency

This one’s super easy, simple toss all your ingredients in a blender and blitz! Serve straightaway.

Water infusions

If you find plain old water a little boring, then a refreshing infusion could be just the thing to help you drink more without reaching for sugary juices and fizzy drinks. Plus they are really easy to make yourself! For best flavour, allow at least 4 hours or overnight in the refrigerator to let the flavours of the fruit infuse fully into the water.

Cucumber & Mint infusion

This simple combination is super refreshing. Perfect to pep you up from a mid-afternoon slump. Fill a jug or bottle with about 2 litres of fresh, preferably filtered water. Thinly slice one cucumber (peel it too if it isn’t organic) Add the sliced cucumbers and 8 muddled fresh mint leaves, stir gently and place in refrigerator.

Orange and blue berry infusion

Fill your water bottle or a jar glass with fresh water and add a handful of fresh, rinsed blueberries. Next slice an orange into slices and pop them in too. The sweet blueberries and tart fresh oranges make this water zing with flavour.

Fancy trying a few fresh flavours? To celebrate Nutrition & Hydration Week from 11-17th March on selected days we’re setting up a free infused water bar at Rowan House. Pop by and fill up on us!