Sophie Simpson

Life Coach

Following the sale of Rowan House I will be based at my office in Lingwood for both Counselling and Life Coaching.

My contact details will remain the same;,uk  and  07769 349380


Life has a habit of throwing us unexpected situations and challenges. We can only move forward when we understand where we want to be and why we feel this way.

Like many people, my life hasn’t followed one set path. I have worked abroad and in the U.K, for large companies and now run a small business. I have children, a family, relationships, hobbies, a career and many of the demands that modern life throws at us.

Life Coaching can help you to find a way through these challenges, accept the way your life has developed and find opportunities in situations that you may be finding difficult.

We will work together to identify where you want to be in life and what is standing in your way. From this we will take simple but effective steps towards making positive changes. I will provide you with a supportive place in which to explore your options, along with feedback, guidance and the chance to challenge yourself.

Whether you are struggling with changes in your work or personal life, feeling overwhelmed with your current situation, or simply want to make positive changes, Life Coaching could be the perfect option for you.

I am also a qualified Hypnotherapist, as I find that Hypnotherapy can be extremely useful in helping to overcome anxieties or issues with self-esteem and confidence; often the very things that can be holding us back in life.

Call or email me for more information – I would be very happy to talk through any of your concerns.

Sophie Simpson

Reveal Number

07769 349380

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