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Following the news of the Sale of Rowan House I am happy to report that I will to continue practice at Rowan House. There are bound to be changes that take place in future but my clients can be reassured that I will keep them informed .I would like to take this opportunity to thank my clients for their loyal support and I look forward to providing the same service in the future.

John can be contacted on 07718 931631, by email or visit his website


I came to Reflexology at the age of sixty, having had a career in the Army and then Local Government in Norfolk.

I am now an experienced Reflexologist and have undertaken teaching and presentations.

Reflexology treats body and mind and is a wonderful therapy which helps relaxation, improves mood, aids sleep, and improves the sense of wellbeing. My treatment is holistic and deals with lifestyle, nutrition as well as the foot reflexes.

The therapy has increased in popularity over the past few years and has gained respect as an important, safe and natural healing art, based on the theory that the human body has its own internal energy lines and that ill health can arise from an energetic imbalance.

By stimulating reflex points on the feet relating to different parts of the body, a treatment restores balance, helps to prevent ill health and assists relaxation.

Reflexology can benefit all kinds of issues and the most common ones that I deal with are:

  • FERTILITY issues
  • HORMONAL IMBALANCES including Menopause
  • MENTAL HEALTH issues
  • BACK and other JOINT PAINS

I am specially qualified in MATERNITY Reflexology and offer help throughout PREGNANCY. I am also specially qualified in FERTILITY issues and offer assistance to support couples in this area.

My latest qualification is REFLEXOLOGY LYMPH DRAINAGE (RLD) which is very powerful for relieving the painful swelling of Lymphoedema especially after cancer treatments.

I use organic creams so there is no harmful chemical absorption.

There are no cast-iron guarantees with any complementary treatment but, of course, the same can be said about conventional medicine. Reflexology will leave the recipient relaxed and calm and is therefore of great benefit. Everyone needs to take ‘time out’ to relax and recharge the batteries. Those that do are likely to be healthier, happier people.

Therapists who are members of the Association of Reflexologists (AOR) have been trained to professional standards and are governed by a strict Code of Practice and Ethics and are fully insured. The AOR is the largest reflexology association in UK with over 8,000 members. Full members use the letters M.A.R after their names and are listed on the Association website (

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