Andrew Cook MSc RCST

Craniosacral Therapist

Following the sale of Rowan House Andrew will be working at Reno Refills (Health food shop) 15-17 Market Street, Wymondham, Norfolk NR18 0AJ providing treatments for babies and new mothers, children, & adults. t:01953 483787 / 07806 602957


Andrew has been practicing Complementary therapies since 1988.  This started with spiritual healing, flower remedies and Reflexology (he also ran a registered school of Reflexology in Norwich), before starting to practice Craniosacral Therapy (CST) in 1994.  Andrew’s experience has always been that CST is a very powerful and effective way to help his patients – and it also suits his particular view of the human body and personal approach to life.  Andrew originally studied with the Upledger Institute in Scotland and the USA, and then completed a second practitioner course with CCST in London.  Since then he has been mainly studying Biodynamic CST and therefore has a very broad-based practice.

Before his life as a therapist in Norfolk Andrew was an engineer.  Andrew spent some time in groundwater research at the British Geological Survey, in rural water supply and exploration in Africa and Arabia, and carried out water balance studies for major nature reserves in the UK.  Andrew sees the human being as an extension and reflection of that natural ecology and still applies some of his initial engineering and research training – in that it is a useful mindset with which to assess the most efficient approach to treatment.

Treatment for Infant Distress

‘I love my work.  There are few things better than seeing the changes in people’s faces as they become healthier and pain-free.  I love the variety (CST is very good at helping a very wide range of conditions, from very severe physical injuries through to metabolic and neurological problems through to post-traumatic stress).  And I particularly love working with new babies and new mums.  CST is one of the few safe and non-invasive treatments that can help with infant distress.’ 

‘My general approach is that I treat people how I would wish to be treated myself.’

Since about 2005 Andrew has been increasingly working with “Resourced Embodied Awareness” or REA.  This is a package of focused mindfulness and movement skills that he has integrated from various sources, including brain/behavioural science arising from US military research into PTSD.

 ‘Not only is this a fantastic tool to improve the effectiveness of most physical treatments, but it is a great skill that – once learned, can enhance anybody’s life and have a positive impact on both physical and mental health.  I think of it as the user manual we should have been given when we first received a body.’

Andrew Cook MSc RCST

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