Alison Wright

Occupational Therapist

Hello! I am a Specialist Occupational Therapist with an extensive experience of working with people who have a variety of physical health and mental health conditions. I am particularly interested in helping people with life affecting chronic fatigue to find ways to live their lives as fully as they can.

I have worked in the NHS and in Social Care for more than 30 years, in both physical and mental health settings. I have current experience of working within a Specialist NHS Team for people suffering from ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

I aim to enable clients to find effective ways to manage chronic fatigue and associated symptoms, such as pain, and to develop a sense of wellbeing despite the limitations of their health. The fatigue may be caused by an existing health condition or by long-term stress. I am also able to advise those experiencing post-viral or post-Covid fatigue.

I currently see clients over video call. I also run groups and courses to help clients learn effective energy management and how to replenish low energy. If you are interested in attending a course but none are currently running, drop me an email and I will add you to my mailing list for future courses.

Alison Wright

Reveal Number

07510 387107

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