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Targeted Body Treatment

Targeted Body Treatment

Targeted body treatments work on specific areas or the whole body using a range of products such as body wraps and targeted gels to help with problems such as cellulite, detoxifying the body, brightening dull tired skin, congested skin, toning, and of course, relaxation.

This will depend entirely on your treatment goals, but your session can include dry body brushing, body scrubs, mud and clay wraps, targeted treatment gels and moisturisers.

Targeted body treatments work on specific areas and can help with:

  • cellulite
  • detoxifying the body
  • brightening dull tired skin, congested skin
  • Toning after weight loss or pregnancy
  • relaxation

Treatments generally last 30-120 minutes.

This depends entirely on you and your treatment goals, sometimes you will need a course of treatments to reach your goal.

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Claire uses Eve Taylor products and routines for these treatments, and she loves that every ingredient serves a purpose to help with the goals for the treatment the product is intended for. Eve Taylor was started 50 years ago by aromatherapist Eve Taylor OBE and continues to be a family run business to this day. Passionate about natural skincare and harnessing the effects of essential oils, Eve Taylor is environmentally friendly animal friendly, and proudly British.  And has a ‘give back to nature’ scheme where for every bottle bought, a tree is planted


Claire Collis