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Soft Tissue Massage

Soft Tissue Massage

The soft tissues of the body include muscle and fascia as well as tendons, ligaments, skin, nerves and blood vessels. Soft Tissue Massage addresses minor and chronic issues and tensions within the soft tissues of the musculoskeletal system. Using traditional massage and more advanced soft tissue techniques Soft Tissue Massage aids in improving your body’s potential and comfort.

Soft Tissue Massage is able to positively influence the nervous system including helping to restore balance to the parasympathetic system … known as the rest and digest system.

During the treatment the therapist will address your musculoskeletal issues and tensions by applying a number of soft tissue techniques, discerning what is needed at the time. The techniques used are designed to relax muscles that have become tight and hyperactive, address ‘knots’ (points of soft tissue muscle tension) and trigger points (points that cause a referred pain pattern), restore elasticity and length to muscle, help eliminate fascial restrictions and improve joint range of movement.

At the end of the treatment session the therapist will often recommend stretching, strengthening &/or mobilisation exercises that will help in gaining the most benefit from the treatment.

Soft Tissue Massage can help with lower back pain, shoulder and neck tensions, pelvic and hip issues, plantar fasciitis, IT Band syndrome, sciatica and other muscular and soft tissue imbalances. It can help in reducing inflammation and decreasing muscle spasms and for arthritis sufferers helps to ease stiffness.

Relieving the soft tissue tensions of our bodies allow us to feel a sense of wellbeing.

It is recommended that a soft tissue massage session lasts between 60-90 minutes

A course of 1-6 sessions at regular intervals is initially advised. Following that maintenance/prevention sessions are recommended approximately every 4-6 weeks depending on what your body is telling you.

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