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Psychologist Services

Psychologist Services

A psychologist offering therapy is a health professional with specific training in clinically understanding human behaviour. Psychologists undergo rigorous training during their qualification and must complete hundreds of hours of supervised practice. As such, when someone goes to a psychologist they can be assured that a high standard of ethics, professionalism and confidentiality will be shown by the psychologist.

‘Chartered Psychologists’ are a regulated profession. The title of ‘Chartered Psychologist’ is the benchmark of professional recognition, and reflects the highest standard of psychological knowledge and expertise.

The British Psychological Society recognises the following main types of psychologist as:

• Counselling Psychologist
• Clinical Psychologist
• Educational Psychologist
• Forensic Psychologist
• Health Psychologist
• Occupational Psychologist

Psychologists offering therapy are typically Counselling or Clinical Psychologists. Both Counselling and Clinical Psychologists blend applied psychotherapy practice with scientific research and theory. They tend to deal with the same types of issues as psychotherapists and counsellors – anxiety, depression, trauma and relationship issues – but they also take on more complex issues such as complex post-traumatic stress disorder and longstanding interpersonal difficulties, and work with disorders that require more clinical interventions.

Psychologists will work closely with clients to look at their mental health issues and explore the underlying problems that may have caused them. They will apply their clinical judgement to the context and any relevant diagnosis , offer psychological assessments and clinical recommendations. Psychologists will:

• Use research-based psychological approaches to treat client problems
• Assess and make clinical evaluations of a client’s mental health
• Offer clinical judgements on the best course of treatments based upon current clinical research in the field
• Integrate evidence-based approaches to provide a personalised treatment plan.

A Counselling / clinical psychologist’s job is to help you achieve better emotional wellbeing, learn to understand yourself better, and begin to make better choices for yourself in life. For those suffering a serious mental health disorder this is going to be essential to achieving any quality of life. However, many clients who seek therapy with a psychologist are not ‘ill’ or have a serious disorder. Instead, they are experiencing times or events in their life that are challenging. At such times it would be normal to experience some disturbance in our functioning and feelings. It may be a one-off event such as a bereavement, or a culmination of many smaller events over a period that have left them feeling less able to cope effectively. In these situations, a psychologist can help the client make sense of these events, their effects, and how to more effectively adapt and cope.

Contrary to popular belief you do not need to lie on a couch! Psychologists are able to draw upon a wide range of evidence-based approaches and therefore the style of sessions may differ between psychologists, but generally you can expect to experience the following in a session:

• Questions about your life now, and in the past
• Encouragement (and help) to reflect more deeply on your thoughts and/or feelings
• A shared process of making sense of what you are thinking /feeling
• Capturing your experience in some form of words or diagram on paper
• Non-judgemental approach
• A check-in about how you have been since last session
• The introduction of relevant practical techniques, such as mindfulness, for you to practice outside of sessions.
• You won’t be made to talk about anything you don’t want to talk about.
• What you say in a session remains confidential.

Some therapies such as EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing) involve using unobtrusive equipment at times.

This is something you and your psychologist will decide together. If an insurance company or employer is paying for your sessions, then they will be advised by the Psychologist of an appropriate number of sessions. Most therapy sessions last 50 minutes.


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