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Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy yoga is more than just exercising your body, it is about connecting with your baby, learning how to move in ways that will help you so stay pain free during your pregnancy and manage those little niggles that you may have. It is about finding the breath that help you relax and unwind, as well as deep relaxation to help restore your energy levels. It is also about learning to trust your body, channelling your mind to help you stay focused and calm during labour regardless of what happens.

In this pregnancy yoga class you’ll learn so much more than a conventional yoga classes. You’ll learn how your body changes during pregnancy, how to manage back/pelvic pain issues, how to move to help your baby into the optimal foetal position for birthing, breath work and how to relax.

Led by experienced physiotherapist Rosie Taylor our pregnancy yoga class can be individually tailored to stretch and release muscle and connective tissue altered by pregnancy which can ease aches and pains. All this, plus you’ll learn to relax and open your heart, body and mind in anticipation of your little baby. Rosie will teach you how to sound out your breath, mantras to stay positive and focused and visualisations to reenergise. Pregnancy yoga classes with Wellfit Mumma are a complete holistic yoga practice designed specifically to support you at each stage of your pregnancy.

Rowan House is a fully equipped studio, so you can just turn up wearing comfy clothes and bring a drink of water and snack if you’d like. Expect an inspirational boutique style class that keeps you safe and allows you to enjoy and float through your pregnancy. We have lots of props to get you super comfy.

Classes are 6.00-7.15 pm at Rowan House on Thursday evenings. Classes run in 6-week blocks.

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Rosie Taylor

07877 256784

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