Project Description



Pilates is a great all round workout but it is also a fantastic add on to your existing exercise. There is a large emphasis on core strength and stability which transfers over to many different sports and exercises, as does the focus on breathing, control, balance and coordination.

● Low impact (but still challenging)
● Improves balance and coordination
● Increases joint mobility
● Develops whole body strength, stability and flexibility
● Helps reduce the risk of injury
● Stress reduction
● Improved sporting performance
● Anxiety reduction

If you …

● Lift weights
● Lift your children
● Run, swim, cycle
● Play sports
● Drive a lot
● Have a desk job
● Have a manual job

These classes are for you!

We will address the whole body with an emphasis on building core strength & stability, improving posture, balance and coordination. The classes are low impact but also designed for people who already exercise so will still be challenging!

If you are new to exercise or have had a long time off, I would recommend starting with the 6 week beginner’s course.


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