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Hypnobirthing is nothing to do with trances, pendulum swinging or being ‘out of it’.  Hypnobirthing is a complete antenatal preparation which is based solidly in science and in logic.  Hypnobirthing teaches you how to release your fears and preconceptions surrounding birth, to allow your labour and birth to progress smoothly and gently.  On a hypnobirthing course you learn:

  • How birth works, the physiological process your body goes through to give birth to your baby;
  • How to navigate your way through the healthcare system you are immersed in when expecting a baby;
  • Your options for interventions and how to properly assess the risks and benefits of those;
  • How to still have a positive experience even if your labour deviates from ‘the norm’
  • How to engage your subconscious mind, relax your body and allow it to do what it was designed to do;
  • How significant the role of a birth partner is and how to work together to ensure you are fully supported in labour and birth.

Taking a hypnobirthing course is invaluable for all mothers, whether you are a first-time mums who has never been in this position before and are keen to learn about how you can prepare for birth, or a second/third/fourth time mum who has had a bad experience previously and wants to take back the responsibility for their child’s birth. It can make a difference to you no matter whether you dream of a home birth, birth in a birthing unit, a caesarean birth, you will be fully informed of the risks and benefits of each scenario and how to manage your options and make informed choices.

It really is a wonderful way to receive a full education in how to prepare for birth and will leave you feeling excited, confident and raring to go!

Not at all, in fact the knowledge you gain on a hypnobirthing course can often be even more useful where you are facing some sort of intervention or break from ‘the norm’.  Whatever your ideal birth looks like, from home birth to c-section, hypnobirthing can help you achieve it while feeling positive, relaxed, calm and empowered.

As much as I would love to promise you that, unfortunately I cannot.  Pain is such a perceptive thing and different people experience it in different ways.  There have been reports of pain free births using hypnobirthing, but this can’t be guaranteed as everyone’s birth is different. Hypnobirthing teaches you how to relax your body to such a point that your contractions become more manageable, the deep breathing you learn makes them more efficient and the endorphins you will be producing will definitely assist in relieving any pain. The more you practice your relaxations, release your fears of birth and can focus your mind on letting go, the more chance you have of having a gentle, comfortable and calm birth.

A birth partner can be a huge support to mums in pregnancy, labour and birth.  It’s so useful to have whomever is going to be there supporting you in labour at the classes and the course is tailored specifically to include them.  Many birth partners don’t really know what to do with themselves during labour but in my classes they will learn how to properly support you and what an enormous difference their presence can have to your birth experience and to the experience of your baby. Birth partners almost always come away feeling just as excited, empowered and confident as mums and taking the course together is a wonderful way to bond and bring you closer together in preparation for your baby’s arrival.

I offer regular Taster Sessions at Rowan House.  Please get in touch for details of upcoming dates.  I am also happy to meet for an informal chat to give you more of an idea of how hypnobirthing can help you, just give me a call or drop me an email and we can arrange a time to suit you.

A private course taught on a one to one basis is £325 per couple.  A group session, taking place at Rowan House, is £195 per couple.  Each course consists of 10-12 hours of teaching, taking place in the evening or weekends (private) or over the course of two weekends (group).  In addition to the course, each couple will receive:

  • The Hypnobirthing Book by Katharine Graves
  • MP3 Relaxation Audios to use alongside the course
  • Parents folder of course notes and other useful handouts
  • Printable PDF birth affirmations
  • A set of birth affirmation cards
  • Access to private Facebook page for chats and support from other Bloom and KGH parents
  • Links to other useful online resources
  • My full support up to your baby’s birth via phone call, email, text, Whatsapp, Facebook, whatever you need, I am here for you
  • A goody bag with some lovely treats.
  • A post birth ‘de-brief’ sessions where you can share your experience, enjoy a coffee and relax with your new baby.


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