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Hypno-massage is a combination of two ancient relaxation techniques. Hypnotherapy – a skilled communication aimed at directing a person’s imagination, with visualisation and suggestions in a way that helps elicit changes in thoughts and behaviours.  Indian Head massage (covering back, shoulders, neck, arms and hands, head and face) – which can enhance the natural process of easing and relaxing your body as well as your mind and soul. Resulting in relaxation, tranquility and calming of your mind and body.

A hypno-masseur will firstly discuss any issues with you and listen carefully to your reasons for seeking treatment so that they can fully understand what changes you are looking to achieve – a plan will be individually tailored to meet your needs during the initial FREE consultation meeting.

If both parties are then happy to work together the first session will be booked and everything will be explained to you in detail – for example to wear comfortable clothing – that towels/blankets will be provided for comfort and cover – that the appointment will start with an initial chat and coaching advice offered where appropriate – followed by an Indian Head massage which covers back, shoulders, neck, arms and hands, head and face. Then going straight into the hypnotherapy session.

  •  Help relieve stress and anxiety
  • Boost confidence, tackle low self-esteem and low body image
  • Aid sleeping
  • Address weight issues
  • Help achieve behavioural changes to stop smoking
  • Tackle alcohol dependancy and other habits
  • Help symptoms of stress related complaints
  • Enhance performance in sport, public speaking and exams
  • Help to cope and manage the relief of perceived pain
  • Help to relieve phobias
  • Motivation and seeking desired goals

A hypo-massage session will last approx 90 minutes – this is made up of around 20 minutes of discussion and coaching (where appropriate), followed by:

  • 30 minutes of Indian Head massage
  • 30 minutes of Hypnotherapy
  • 10 minutes to close session and answer any questions

As with hypnotherapy this will depend very much on the underlying issues and reason for treatment – but this will be discussed with you at the initial consultation.  As an approximate guide:

– Quit smoking can usually be dealt with in 1 session
– Most phobias, fears and unwanted habits can be dealt with in 2-3 sessions
– Dpending on underlying issues – confidence, anxiety and weight issues may take up to 5-6 sessions

FREE 30 minute consultation

First session £75  (minimum 90 minutes)

Follow up sessions £65 (approx 90 minutes)

These prices reflect the length of sessions and the amount of work and research that goes into every appointment, personalising scripts which are tailored to each individual.



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