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Hearing Care

Hearing Care

As hearing loss is often a gradual process, its occurrence is not always obvious to us. Often it is those closest to us that notice we are not hearing things the way we once used to. There are a number of possible symptoms that may be indicative of an underlying hearing loss. If you recognise any of them, you might want to book yourself a hearing test:

  • It seems as though others are mumbling
  • You are often told you have the TV up too loud
  • You have difficulty hearing people talking from other rooms
  • It is hard for you to communicate in group situations
  • You often have to ask people to repeat themselves

A detailed medical history is taken together with discussion about communication difficulties affecting your lifestyle.

The assessment begins with an examination of the ear, the ear canals, and the ear drums. A measurement is then taken to assess your middle ear health and function. Speech Testing is then carried out to determine how clearly speech is perceived at a comfortable listening level. Lastly, Pure-Tone Testing is completed by having the patient listen for very soft tones or beeps. The audiologist will then review the results with you. We recommend that you bring a friend or relative with you as they are usually the first to spot hearing loss.

This test usually lasts around an hour and costs only £30.

If a hearing loss is identified, we offer the choice of 300+ different cutting-edge hearing systems to choose from, all available with a minimum of a 30 day trial period to ensure complete satisfaction

Hearing Care Centre is a multi-award winning, family run hearing care company looking after the hearing impaired from centres throughout East Anglia. They guarantee an impartial, expert and caring approach to all hearing concerns. Appointments are available on Tuesdays. Please use the contact details provided to book an appointment.


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