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Foot Healthcare

Foot Healthcare

A Foot health practitioner is there to provide general foot care, and can treat several foot health related issues. I am often asked what’s the difference between a foot health practitioner and a podiatrist. An FHP is fully qualified and can treat most foot related issues, and would refer to a specialist when required, whilst a podiatrist can prescribe medication, and are trained in surgical procedures when needed.

Seeing an FHP for minor foot related issues such as nail cutting, corns, verruca’s and ingrown toenails etc can be a much cheaper and a hassle free way of treating your feet without having to see a podiatrist.

Everyone!  Most of my new clients feel anxious when presenting me with “the worst feet ever!”  Disappointingly, this has seldom been the case!  After an initial consultation with my client work can begin and even after just one treatment a huge improvement can be made.  I deal with people from all walks of life.  Most are suffering with back, hip or knee trouble.  People with Diabetes or those on blood thinning medication.  Also, clients that can reach their feet but can’t see properly to do a thorough job.  The foot is actually a very difficult place to reach depending on where the problem lies.  I work within the remit of my knowledge and enjoy a challenge.

Nail Cutting
Ingrown toenails
Fungal nails
Hard skin removal
Nail reconstruction
Athletes foot
Basic diabetic foot care

It keeps your feet in a good condition with soft skin and prevents any
unwanted nasty foot related problems. All treatments are finished
with a soothing moisturiser which will leave your feet feeling brand

I would recommend a treatment every 6 to 8 weeks.

Please contact the practitioner directly for any charges.


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