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Fatigue Management

Fatigue Management

Chronic fatigue is a physical symptom. It is real. It’s not all in your head! Many people with chronic fatigue think they are being lazy, and should be able to ‘push through’ and get on with life. They often feel guilty that they feel exhausted and need to rest. We all experience tiredness at times and this can be relieved by sleep and rest. Chronic Fatigue is when the tiredness is overwhelming and isn’t relieved by sleep and rest, you find it is a struggle to cope with daily life. If this is you, don’t ignore it! Get in touch.

Occupational Therapy takes a whole person approach and seeks to enable people with health conditions, physical and psychological, to return to managing their everyday life as independently as possible. It takes into account all aspects of your life, such as work and home situation, and their influence on your health condition.

I am a registered OT with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC and have been qualified for over 30 years.

A number of health conditions are known to cause fatigue and sometimes treatment of the condition will relieve the fatigue. In some cases, the fatigue is a symptom of the condition and, in this case, learning how to manage the fatigue to manage everyday life as best as possible, is the best approach. Such conditions may be ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Hypermobility Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, cancer, pain conditions, post-viral or post-Covid fatigue. Also, long-term stress and/or anxiety can cause chronic fatigue and women experiencing persistent menopausal fatigue can all be helped. If you feel your fatigue is persisting for a long time, beyond any acute health problem or virus (more than 6 months) and treatments have not helped and you are willing to explore lifestyle changes to improve your wellbeing, my approach can help you.

After an initial assessment of your situation we work out a plan of action together. I work in a holistic and client-centred way so you are always in the driving seat and I will help navigate. As an OT I like to employ a variety of techniques and skills depending on your particular needs and preferences. We will cover practical techniques such as relaxation, breathing exercises, Mindfulness approaches, pacing and grading activity if this is appropriate for you. Managing pain associated with fatigue and sleep problems. How to cope at work or in further education. Psychological approaches to deal with energy draining, negative, self-critical thoughts and over busy minds, which can have an effect on your mental health and self-esteem as well as your energy.

I can also write guidance and support letters for employers and educators, if required. I am able to carry out full functional OT assessments and write professional reports, if needed.

I run short courses or workshops to help attendees learn how to manage their chronic fatigue and/or related problems. Such courses will include learning practical techniques of Deep Rest, such as breathing exercises, relaxation and Mindfulness which allow you to replenish low energy, plus understand how stress can impact your health condition.  Please drop me an email if you would like to attend a course, even if none are currently advertised, and I can add you to my mailing list for future events. Keep an eye on my website or Facebook page!

Contact Alison Wright for more information on pricing.

Call me for a complimentary 30 minutes chat to see if my approach can help you. For more information my website is at or follow my  Facebook page.


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