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Counselling is a form of talking therapy that is used to help people accept and understand their emotions and move forwards when faced with difficult situations. Counselling is often sought following a traumatic experience or loss, however it is also useful when you simply want to gain clarity around your personal experiences and emotions.

Most importantly, I will listen to you and provide you with a safe environment in which to explore your feelings and your experiences. My approach to Counselling is Integrative, combining Person-Centred, Psychodynamic and CBT techniques. I appreciate that no two people are the same and as such I will always focus on your individual circumstances and encourage you to explore your own personal reactions, whatever these may be. I aim to assist you on the path to gaining a new perspective and a more positive view of your present and future.

Everybody has unique reasons for seeking therapy, however some of the areas I work with are;
• Anxiety, Depression and low mood
• Low self-esteem and confidence
• Self-image
• Grief and loss
• Trauma
• Abuse
• Relationship difficulties
• Family relationships and Friendships
• Dealing with Stress

Each Counselling session lasts no more than 1 hour. Addressing potentially strong emotions can be draining, so this is an ideal length.

The number of sessions required will be different for each person. Ideally, we would meet on a weekly basis for a minimum of six weeks. You may then find that short-term counselling is adequate for you if you are addressing a specific incident, or you may wish to continue with longer-term therapy.

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