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Paediatric Physiotherapy

Paediatric Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession that promotes the health and wellbeing of all.

A Physiotherapist is responsible for the assessment and physical management of problems due to accident, injury, ageing, disease or disability.

Paediatric physiotherapy is the treatment and care of babies, children and young people.

Paediatric physiotherapists have specialist skills and additional expert knowledge and experience of child development stages and developmental milestones and of childhood conditions and disabilities.

Initial contact involves a short consultation before assessing the physical development of a child, including the child’s abilities and functional limitations. This will often involve watching, feeling and analysis of children’s posture, movement, strength and function to formulate and individualise a management plan.

Children’s Physiotherapists often need to work alongside other professionals to maximise potential and work across a range of settings including home, school, nursery, children’s centres, hospices and clinics.

Paediatric Physiotherapy covers a wide range of clinical practice and conditions – some are similar to those seen in adults and some are specific to children, for example:

  • Neuromuscular disorders, e.g. muscular dystrophy
  • Acute injuries, e.g. fractures, sports injuries
  • Neurological conditions, e.g. cerebral palsy, head injury
  • Rheumatological conditions, e.g. juvenile idiopathic arthritis
  • Congenital disorders, e.g. spina bifida, limb deficiencies, floppy baby
  • Orthopaedic conditions, e.g. talipes, torticollis, plagiocephaly
  • Congenital syndromes and metabolic diseases
  • Ex premature infants
  • Global developmental delay
  • Co-ordination difficulties
  • onditions where mobility is affected
  • Hypermobility
Sessions vary depending on the condition.Initial appointments last between 45 to 90 minutes and follow up sessions from 30 to 60 minutes.
Following initial assessment a treatment package will be devised tailored to your child’s needs.Some children may only require 1-2 sessions; others may need on-going input.It may also be deemed that physiotherapy is not appropriate and that onward referral is required.

Prices are quoted for appointments at Rowan House Health and Wellbeing Centre,  prices for other locations may vary due to travel time and venue hire costs.  Free travel within 5 mile radius of NR9 3DB.

Please contact the practitioner directly for their charges.

Rachel Pailes works at Rowan House and is a Chartered Physiotherapist who specialises in working with children.Association of Paediatric Chartered Physiotherapists. The APCP is a professional network of over 2,200 paediatric physiotherapists across the UK and overseas, which provides a forum to promote best practice and educational opportunities within its speciality.
Please note, that when emailing a therapist a copy will be sent to Rowan House for monitoring purposes and to ensure your enquiry is dealt with effectively. To continue please press the ’email’ button above.