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Antenatal Classes

Antenatal Classes

Antenatal classes should be run by trained teachers who help you and your birth partner prepare for labour, birth and becoming a parent both practically and emotionally as well as physically. Many couples feel anxious about their birth journey and worry about how they are going to cope as new parents. Existing parents love to share horror stories which creates anxiety, fear and doubt.

As fully trained facilitators, we tailor each course to meet the needs of the group. We would always include core topics such as place of birth, how to know labour has started, self-help techniques such as breathing and massage, pain management, induction, caesarean birth, assisted birth and life with a newborn baby including feeding and caring for your baby. We are one of the few local providers who offer comprehensive courses and our aim is to ensure you leave us feeling more informed, confident and prepared for your journey into parenthood.

All the About Birth & Babies antenatal teachers are fully trained, licensed and insured so you can be sure of our credibility, knowledge and experience.
We regularly receive 5* reviews and referrals from midwives and previous clients. We also won ‘Best Pregnancy Class’ in the Norfolk Parent, Baby and Child Awards 2018.

We offer a range of formats using different days of the week in a variety of carefully selected venues around Norfolk and Suffolk. The total length of our courses varies between 12 and 16 hours. Courses include a reunion which gives us the opportunity to get together again once all the babies have arrived and to encourage couples to continue to meet for friendship and support. Most couples who attend antenatal classes with About Birth & Babies continue to meet for many years.

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We use a number of different venues in Norwich and the surrounding areas as well as Bungay. They have all been carefully selected for their location, facilities and comfort.

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As you are considered to have reached full term at 37 weeks, we recommend that you complete a course prior to your 37th week. We are very happy to help with course selection.

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As specially trained facilitators, we encourage group participation through discussion and various small group activities so yes, our courses are interactive! Couples are also able to ask questions throughout. Formation of friendships for support is nurtured by using a range of teaching activities and meeting regularly over a number of sessions.

Some couples don’t like the idea of being part of an interactive group or their lifestyles and shift patterns mean it would be difficult to attend all the sessions, so we also offer 1-2-1’s. These can be held at a teacher’s home or from the comfort of your own home.

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An NHS Pathway to Parenting course is eight hours in length made up of two hours with a midwife and six with the Children’s Centre staff and a health visitor often delivered in a seminar style and typically with a large number of couples.

In contrast, our courses are between 12 and 16 hours long, usually have six to eight couples attending and are interactive. We have the time to devote to you and your individual needs and you will have the opportunity to explore topics in more detail and ask questions which will help you to prepare for your journey to parenthood emotionally as well as physically and practically.

Our antenatal courses cover all aspects of late pregnancy, birth, and early parenting. Our aim is for you to finish our courses feeling fully prepared, informed and empowered to make the best choices for you and your baby armed with a wealth of helpful, practical knowledge. We regularly receive 5* reviews, referrals from midwives and previous clients and we recently won ‘Best Pregnancy Class in Norfolk’.

Our facilitation skills mean that no two courses are the same; we don’t follow a prescribed list but start with a framework of core topics and build on that during our time together. We’re group led so we include what’s important to the women and their birth partners in any individual group.

Following discussion and activities on the course, we hope parents–to-be will enjoy straightforward births using the skills and knowledge they learn in our classes and those who have medical intervention will feel better prepared and informed, helping them to understand their experience.

Most couples form a support network and continue to meet up for many years which is not something you would benefit from by following an online course.

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For starters we recently won ‘Best Pregnancy Class in Norfolk’ so if you want to attend the best in Norfolk, book with About Birth & Babies!

As fully qualified, licensed and insured antenatal teachers, we are able to offer comprehensive antenatal courses from early pregnancy right through to early postnatal. We’re qualified, competent and confident to teach about all aspects of labour and birth as well as caring for and feeding a newborn baby and are one of the few local providers who are qualified and experienced to be able to offer this.

You might be offered a free eight hour NHS Pathway to Parenting course which is delivered by a midwife, health visitor and Children’s Centre staff. This course will cover the basics. Some couples like to attend this course as well as one of our more comprehensive courses or book a 1-2-1.

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Attending a full course with us means that you get the benefit of having whole group discussions as well as small group discussions. People bring different perspectives to the table so you get the benefit of hearing others’ views, some of which you might not have considered. Couples are also invited to ask questions throughout.

Being part of a full course also means you get the benefit of meeting others who are expecting a baby at a similar time and have a ready-made support network.
Being independent, we are able to take a more practical and modern approach to teaching, particularly around the practicalities of returning to work and sharing childcare. We also have the freedom to work closely with other local specialists for the benefit of our clients.

We have the autonomy to offer a more personalised service than national organisations and flexibility in terms of course formats, prices, venues and partnership working. Our courses are not inferior because we charge less than other organisations. We know couples want to attend private antenatal classes because they benefit hugely from doing so but starting a family is an expensive time so we price our courses fairly in the hope more couples are able to attend. We also offer payment by instalments.

We consider our team to be particularly friendly and caring who will go that extra mile to support you.

Read our reviews and testimonials if you need convincing! Here’s a selection on our Facebook Page.

About Birth & Babies run antenatal classes to enhance your preparation for birth and parenthood throughout Norfolk and north Suffolk.

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