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A note to All the Mother’s on Mother’s Day

The past 12 months has seen unparalleled change for us all, but possibly the most effected have been mums with school aged children. Roles have changed and the magnitude of hats in your closet just got bigger and now include Teacher, Entertainments Manager, Sports Coach, Councillor and Advocate. You have lost your normal support team [...]

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Manageable Moments of Self-care for Busy Mums

As mothers, self-care is often the first thing that we neglect, especially in times of stress and anxiety. Self-care can seem like a luxury and something that we need time and money to achieve; for example an indulgent spa day with friends, a relaxing massage/facial or a long walk by the beach. These things are [...]

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Are you a good friend to yourself?

Being as good a friend to yourself as you are to others is an act of kindness, self-compassion. Self-compassion is the ability to nurture, encourage and be patient with oneself. Self-compassion is not self-esteem however, self-compassion enables the individual to reset the metric, stop benchmarking oneself against others meaning ‘you don’t have to feel better [...]

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Resolving conflicts with your inner self

Listening to our inner self is unique to the individual but, answer this if you can, what voice do you hear most often, that positive, compassionate and nurturing one (when we are our own best friend) or that negative, pessimistic and corrosive one (the bully that resides in all of us)? This conflict with our [...]

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Your 2021 Guide to Positive Affirmations

This month we will consider the power of affirmations. As a solution focused practitioner, I am committed to helping people identify the solutions that are right for them, providing a safe, nurturing and non-judgemental package of support to improved wellbeing, so I am an advocate of positive thought. Why use positive affirmations? Often people will [...]

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Taking things in your stride

In 1983, Mathew Wilder, so eloquently said, ‘Ain’t nobody going to break-a my stride’. This statement epitomises those people around us whom appear to ‘take everything in their stride’. Often these people will maintain a positive outlook on life and an obvious resilience that flies in the face of the constant flux that has come [...]

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How would you rank your Emotional Intelligence?

In this blog I will be introducing the concept of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), what it is to be emotionally intelligent and the difference this will have on our own lives and the people that matter to us. There is an established societal value of IQ, a person’s reasoning ability.  However, as important is a person’s [...]

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You are Braver than you Believe

“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think” A A Milne Do you ever find yourself talking in a critical way to yourself? Such as “if only I had…”, “why on earth can’t I seem to ….”, ”how could I be so stupid…again…”. “I’m not confident enough to [...]

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The Rhythm of Life is A Powerful Beat

There is a cycle to, or as Sammy Davies Jr put it a ‘Rhythm of life’ but, all too often that ‘rhythm’ can cause us to repeat patterns of negative, emotional behaviour(s) that fuse concepts and beliefs that, in turn, cause many to ‘feel’ overwhelmed, disillusioned with an increased sense of foreboding. The Seasons provide [...]

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Teen Parental Survival 101 – Acknowledge, Accept, Take Action

We are all having to cope with a lot in a COVID19 world and if you’re a parent or carer of a teen you will undoubtedly have more on your plate than ever! This months blog will focus on providing some knowledge and insight for the all important ‘tool box’ when it comes to coping, [...]

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