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How to find strength from within and use it to stay positive

You are stronger than you think! May I break that down for you? You – the person reading this blog Stronger – greater emotional strength; resilience, fortitude and determination Think – inner voice, narrative with self. At this unprecedented time I cannot emphasis this enough; ‘How you think will dictate how you feel’ therefore, to [...]

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How positive thoughts create a positive life!

Happy March, Meteorological Spring has sprung and Astronomical Spring is just round the corner (March 20th).  So with the longer days finally here (hurrah for more Vitamin D), what good habits will you adopt to improve your wellbeing? When you are considering the adoption of good habits, by definition, you are seeking to reduce the [...]

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Meet our newest Massage Therapist – Kate Brydon

Massage Therapist Kate Brydon is the newest member of the Rowan House therapy team! Kate first became interested in massage whilst seeking ways to keep her own body and mind in balance. She began her training in India, going on to train in Dublin before practicing in Greece! Kate has studied holistic massage, sport massage, [...]

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Could this internal ‘barometer’ finally help you weather the storm of mental health?

In practice I seek to empower clients, providing the tools to better understand behaviour so that the individual has the knowledge to affect the changes they seek for their life. This article seeks to ‘triangulate’ research and methodology previously discussed in my December and January blogs... Not read them yet? Click here to read my [...]

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Random Acts of Kindness that make a BIG Difference

“Kindness is the glue that holds society together. It is the essence of beauty. It brings smiles to faces, lightens our burdens, creates friendships, transforms people and situations.” David R Hamilton, Ph.D, Author if the Five Side Effects of Kindness.   It’s official… The world is a better place when we all reach out to [...]

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The Parent & Baby Show Review Cafe Kin!

Parent and baby classes and workshops often feature highly on our studio timetable and events list, so when we created Cafe Kin, we worked hard to make sure that it was a safe, welcoming and suitable space for parents, babies, children. But did we get it right? We invited Kerry and Alex of The Parent [...]

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Are YOU sabotaging your own happiness?

That's a bit of a loaded question isn't it? Let me explain... January, culturally and perhaps even traditionally, is a month that embraces change; New Year New You! screams social media, the local gym and (it can seem) every advertising billboard you pass. But for many, this illusive change is too often unachievable... or unsustainable. [...]

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24 ways to practice a little self-care this Christmas

In this modern day and age the world seems to move so fast, we’re constantly being bombarded with information... social media, news, adverts, deadlines and many other demands on our time. No more so than at Christmas! At this festive time of year we’re spinning more plates than ever before, balancing the needs of family, [...]

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Men: Let’s talk about stress

Every year thousands of men and women across the globe take part in ‘Movember’ a month of campaigning, activities and moustache growing to bring attention to the very real issues around men’s mental and physical health. Many men find it notoriously difficult to translate their feelings and emotions into words, and whilst Movember and Men’s [...]

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A perfectly balanced team – Meet the Rowan House Family!

Holistic health and wellness may not quite be our traditional model of medicine, but it is widely accepted that there are eight Pillars of Wellness: Physical Nutritional Emotional Social Spiritual Intellectual Financial Environmental To create a life in balance it’s essential to be mindful of all eight pillars, and it’s much the same in business [...]

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