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Change is inevitable

As the chapter on Rowan House draws to a close so new opportunities will present and although the closure may not be a contributor to your frustrations, worries or sadness it will be for some of those professionals and their clients who have called Rowan House their home.  So, thank you to Rachel and team [...]

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Teen Parental Survival Guide – Part 2

August 2020 I provided an insight into the teenage mind and can be viewed here, but as our children return to school this month I was asked to revisit these issues and provide parents/carers with additional context for those times of need. First, in the most kindest of terms, please be mindful that your teens [...]

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How do you C.O.P.E when your stress bucket overflows?

As we have reached mid-summer I thought it might provide a focus for some positive reflection on action and take the opportunity to take stock, stop and look around, as life moves pretty fast and you might miss it. In this context ‘it’ is the good things you are already doing to ensure a positive [...]

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How to fuel a positive mind

June, what a glorious month, the flowers are blooming, the bee’s are buzzing and the sun is shining! My wish is that you are taking the time to pause and notice, savour and value those things that bring you joy. The mindful practice of making time for you to notice, savour and value is good [...]

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Do you want to Socially Re-connect?

I am a fortunate to be a member of the Rowan House community, all the staff and therapists at Rowan House are committed to supporting you on your wellbeing journey. Being a member of such a dedicated community is both humbling and affirming. As a ‘one-man-band’ psychotherapist it can be a professionally lonely experience, compounded [...]

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5 tips for getting back into the swing of daily life

It’s been a long and arduous year for all of us however there is light at the end of the tunnel and we realise that we may need to prepare for becoming reacquainted with our ‘normal’ lives. The landscape of living has drastically changed both personally and professionally so we have put together a 5 [...]

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Are you ready for the New Normal?

We are told things are returning to normal, road maps, vaccines, schools re-opened and non-essential services opening soon, I for one will welcome a haircut! The world around us is returning to some sort of normal but what does return to normal mean for you? Let us get one thing clear form the outset, ‘return [...]

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A note to All the Mother’s on Mother’s Day

The past 12 months has seen unparalleled change for us all, but possibly the most effected have been mums with school aged children. Roles have changed and the magnitude of hats in your closet just got bigger and now include Teacher, Entertainments Manager, Sports Coach, Councillor and Advocate. You have lost your normal support team [...]

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Manageable Moments of Self-care for Busy Mums

As mothers, self-care is often the first thing that we neglect, especially in times of stress and anxiety. Self-care can seem like a luxury and something that we need time and money to achieve; for example an indulgent spa day with friends, a relaxing massage/facial or a long walk by the beach. These things are [...]

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Are you a good friend to yourself?

Being as good a friend to yourself as you are to others is an act of kindness, self-compassion. Self-compassion is the ability to nurture, encourage and be patient with oneself. Self-compassion is not self-esteem however, self-compassion enables the individual to reset the metric, stop benchmarking oneself against others meaning ‘you don’t have to feel better [...]

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Rowan House is now under new ownership and will be going through a stage of transition.  Whilst a large proportion of the building will be converted into a veterinary practice the front of the building will be reconfigured into a 6/7 roomed office/therapy suite centre.  We (the original owners) are working closely with the new owners to relocate as many of our long standing practitioners into this area, should they wish to stay.  To find out more about existing and previous therapists and their plans please follow the link to our practitioners page.

If you have a voucher for the centre then you can either use these in Kin Café up until Christmas, or they can be refunded.  To request a refund please email accounts@rowanhousecentre.co.uk by 23rd December 2021, stating the voucher number, expiry date and voucher amount. Any vouchers not used or refunded by 23rd December will become invalid.

Rooms are still available to rent as offices and therapy rooms on a full time and part time basis.  For enquiries please email info@rowanhousecentre.co.uk

The new owners are currently looking for the perfect new operator who would like to take over the lease at Café Kin as an ongoing business concern.  In the meantime the café will continue to be run by the existing staff but with a reduced menu and opening hours.  If you are interested in knowing more about running the café space from Rowan House please email admin@wymondhamvets.com.

Quote from Wymondham Vets:  “We are extremely excited to be moving our independent veterinary clinic to the heart of Hethersett and feel very lucky to have the opportunity to make Rowan House our new home. With the addition of parking and a lovely café, we are hoping to offer a family feel veterinary clinic to the heart of Hethersett”