“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think

A A Milne

Do you ever find yourself talking in a critical way to yourself? Such as “if only I had…”, “why on earth can’t I seem to ….”, ”how could I be so stupid…again…”. “I’m not confident enough to do….”

You are not alone!

If you go to Amazon, you will find that there are more than 90,000 results for “self-help books for women”, and more than 70,000 results for “self-help books for men”. The gender questions that statistic poses are for another day, so let me know what you think.

My message is that there are no secrets about how to live more fulfilling and happier lives. No secrets about how to live our best life. It’s all out there. So why do so many people say they struggle with their confidence? (And yes there’s another 70,000 books about confidence).

I’d like you to think about a lack of confidence in another way. It is not a lack of confidence that stops us doing things. It’s a lack of BRAVERY. To be nervous, and scared is a normal part of being human. It is when those feelings take over or consume us and stop the rational brain that it stops us from doing the things we really want. And it holds us back. And then we criticise ourselves again, and hence the cycle continues……

Being BRAVE and doing something scary gets results and good results then build confidence. And we get all those lovely success chemicals being released.

Bravery precedes confidence.

So you want something to change yes? Choose ONE THING you have been putting off doing. Something small, not too epic. And yes, write it down. Now. Write down what it is you would gain from doing it. And write down why that is important to you. (use the WOOP technique that Brett talked about recently to help you). And then decide to be BRAVE and have a Moment of Commitment and take your first action to making it happen. Notice how you feel.

You are braver than you believe!

Written by Andrew Beech of Mind & Body.  Andy offers a combination of personal coaching, massage and guided meditation to align your mind, body & subconscious to the goals and positive intentions you have clarified.  For more information email us at info@rowanhousecentre.co.uk