You are Braver than you Believe

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“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think” A A Milne Do you ever find yourself talking in a critical way to yourself? Such as “if only I had…”, “why on earth can’t I seem to ….”, ”how could I be so stupid…again…”. “I’m not confident enough to [...]

The Rhythm of Life is A Powerful Beat

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There is a cycle to, or as Sammy Davies Jr put it a ‘Rhythm of life’ but, all too often that ‘rhythm’ can cause us to repeat patterns of negative, emotional behaviour(s) that fuse concepts and beliefs that, in turn, cause many to ‘feel’ overwhelmed, disillusioned with an increased sense of foreboding. The Seasons provide [...]

Teen Parental Survival 101 – Acknowledge, Accept, Take Action

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We are all having to cope with a lot in a COVID19 world and if you’re a parent or carer of a teen you will undoubtedly have more on your plate than ever! This months blog will focus on providing some knowledge and insight for the all important ‘tool box’ when it comes to coping, [...]

Moving past mental fog into the sunshine of action and clarity!

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When driving in fog it is advisable to put your fog lights on but, it is my experience, all too many of us forget.  We struggle on regardless despite the simple fact that driving would be easier and our lives, and that of others, would be safer if we’d just turn those fog lights on. [...]

Surviving and thriving in life after lockdown

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It cannot go unnoticed that the lockdown measures designed to limit the spread of CoVID-19 had a significant effect on most families; my own family included. Surviving and even thriving in life after lockdown can be challenging but it's certainly possible. Some have been positive. For many families these measures created opportunities to spend more [...]

How ‘WOOP’ can turn your wishes into real success

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Wishes are a powerful adjective that permeates our thoughts, language and desire. We ‘wish’ for things that are often fanciful, aspirational and beyond our control.  But what if we could use the emotive power of a wish to focus on what we CAN do? This month I want to provide you with a tangible, practical [...]

How to manage your mental health during lockdown and whatever comes next…

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What has ‘lockdown’ meant for you?  What’s been good about it?  I ask as positive thought could not be more important for managing your mental health during lockdown and beyond. It is the very foundation for self-compassion and good mental health. The demands on our mental health during long periods of isolation are well documented, [...]

How to find strength from within and use it to stay positive

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You are stronger than you think! May I break that down for you? You – the person reading this blog Stronger – greater emotional strength; resilience, fortitude and determination Think – inner voice, narrative with self. At this unprecedented time I cannot emphasis this enough; ‘How you think will dictate how you feel’ therefore, to [...]

How positive thoughts create a positive life!

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Happy March, Meteorological Spring has sprung and Astronomical Spring is just round the corner (March 20th).  So with the longer days finally here (hurrah for more Vitamin D), what good habits will you adopt to improve your wellbeing? When you are considering the adoption of good habits, by definition, you are seeking to reduce the [...]

Meet our newest Massage Therapist – Kate Brydon

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Massage Therapist Kate Brydon is the newest member of the Rowan House therapy team! Kate first became interested in massage whilst seeking ways to keep her own body and mind in balance. She began her training in India, going on to train in Dublin before practicing in Greece! Kate has studied holistic massage, sport massage, [...]