How to avoid getting sick for the rest of 2019!

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Ok, so we can’t actually stop you from getting sick (even on World Health Day), but we can give you a fighting chance to avoid illness by boosting your overall health. Notice that we didn’t say boosting your immune system there? There’s often lots of health advice around about how to avoid getting sick by [...]

It’s time to start talking about our problems

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Talking… it’s something we do every day so you’d think that most of us would be pretty good at it by now. And for the most part we are, we talk about our day, our mood, our children, what we’re eating for lunch and much more! But there are some things that are a little [...]

Super smoothies and fresh fruit infusions for optimum health

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Your body uses water in lots of different ways, such as building cells and organs, regulating body temperature and absorbing vitamins. Water is also essential for digestive and bowel health. Your body loses water through sweating, breathing and even digestion, so it is super important to rehydrate by taking in water and other healthy drinks. [...]

Little Acts of Kindness that make a BIG Difference

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“Kindness is the glue that holds society together. It is the essence of beauty. It brings smiles to faces, lightens our burdens, creates friendships, transforms people and situations.” David R Hamilton, Ph.D, Author if the Five Side Effects of Kindness.   It’s official… The world is a better place when we all reach out to [...]

Treating Cancer Naturally:

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how complementary treatments may benefit cancer patients. From the day after diagnosis, through treatment and life after cancer, complementary or holistic therapies can be used to ease symptoms, promote well-being and make life that little bit easier for patients affected by this life-changing disease. Whilst holistic therapies should not be used as an alternative to [...]

Already given up on your New Year’s Resolutions? Try this instead!

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So, we’re halfway through January and we have a question for you… What are your New Year’s resolutions going? Are you still feeling positive and enthusiastic about the goals you set for yourself? Or is it the total opposite? If it’s the latter, we’ve got an idea for you how about we completely turn this [...]

How a little self-care can drastically ease your stress this Christmas

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In this modern day and age the world seems to move so fast, we’re constantly being bombarded with information... social media, news, adverts, deadlines and many other demands on our time. No more so than at Christmas! At this festive time of year we’re spinning more plates than ever before, balancing the needs of family, [...]

8 Tips to Prepare for Birth and Enjoy a Healthy Pregnancy

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From the moment you first find out you are pregnant, life takes a different direction; a new path that is unique and exciting. You watch your baby grow from a seed to a kiwi to water melon and spend hours on Pinterest planning the nursery. However, other than changing your obvious eating and drinking habits [...]

Becca’s Top 10 Running Tips for Beginners:

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* If you are looking to start running over the summer set yourself a small and achievable goal such as the 2 mile Hethersett Run the Square on Sunday 8th July. * Create a training plan building up to your goal. This will allow the body to slowly adapt to the new stress it is [...]