Oooh that’s a pretty loaded question isn’t it? And one that probably requires more than just a little honesty… But with our mission to help you discover and embrace life’s balance, this month we’re challenging you to take a look inwards and ask yourself…

“Am I making this more complicated than it needs to be?”

In our modern, busy world, we often live hurried, stressful lives, running from pillar to post, trying to balance work with family, friends, fitness and fun. We have good intentions but so often we feel like we’re falling short.

When you’re doing so much in a day that you can’t remember most of what you did and you don’t feel any better for having done it, it’s time to give yourself a break – mental and physical!

You see, whilst making certain decisions can make life more complicated for ourselves, making others can ease the pressure and relieve the stress. Enabling us to step back and gain a little balance in our lives.

Here’s 5 quick and easy solutions to making life a little less complicated. You’re welcome!

1. Stop procrastinating (right now!)

Procrastination IS complication. When we leave it and leave it our to-do list gets longer, our chores, tasks and projects pile up, emails go unanswered, text messages are ignored and vital details may eventually be missed. Procrastination leads to overwhelm and overwhelm leads to feeling like you’ll never catch-up. Start doing things NOW. Don’t put yourself under pressure to get everything done in one go. Pick one thing off your list and try to get it done today, then give yourself a pat on the back!

Life Coach Sam James suggests: “Think about where you can reduce the mental clutter in your daily thinking. Reduce your choices and make things into a routine, so you don’t need to keep thinking about them. Barrack Obama was an advocate of a simple wardrobe when President, so that he didn’t need to spend time deciding what to wear.”

2. Start saying no

That’s right! If you’ve created a habit of saying yes to anything and everything then you’re probably on a fast track to burn-out. Whilst it’s tempting to fill every minute of every day with meeting people, working on projects, and going places, ask yourself, is it really necessary?

Say ‘No’ to things that aren’t a priority, says Sam James. You don’t need to accept every invitation and help everyone all the time. Give yourself space.

3. Keep things simple

Making something appear complicated when it’s actually pretty simple is one of the most common marketing tactics out there. Particularly when it comes to spending money on your health.

“You need to be drinking that juice!”

“Switch this product for that one and you’ll feel so much better!”

Except that you probably won’t.

Let’s take food for example. Eating healthy doesn’t need to be complicated, says Nutritional Therapist Catherine Jeans. “Whenever you’re cooking, buying food or picking up something quick for lunch on the go, just think… How can I make this meal just a bit better? If it’s a ready meal, throw some extra veggies in the microwave.  It’s a quick bowl of cereal for breakfast, add a handful of berries.  If it’s your favourite Spag Bol for supper, grate in some carrots and courgettes. Little changes quickly add up and can make a big difference to your health.”

4. Set boundaries and stick to them!

Not everything or everyone is a priority in life. That email that drops into your inbox at 7pm doesn’t need to be dealt with right away. Your children don’t need you to stop what you’re doing and find that missing toy right now! The office will not fall apart if you take an actual day off.

In fact, everything will probably go right on as normal. The demands, messages, projects, tasks and emails will keep rolling in, you can’t change that. But what you can do is set boundaries which protect your time (and sanity) “Setting boundaries means respecting your time and energy. You only have so much to give say’s Life Coach Sam James, create space in your week for ‘being’ and not rushing, be clear about your boundaries and stick with them.”

5. Be kind to yourself (and others)

“I suggest to my clients that they take the time to notice, savour and value the good things in life, no matter how small, says Hypnotherapist Brett Rennolds.

“Notice not overtaking that car when you were in a hurry, letting that car out of a junction or filling up the car for your partner without being asked. Savour the countryside when you choose not to rush, the thank you of a stranger, the fact that you’ve made the life of your partner a little easier because you choose to do so.

Value that how you choose to behave is a choice, that kindness to others is a gift you can make and that the people in your life are precious. It’s your choice to treat others as you would want to be treated. So try to make good choices today!”

So what do you say? Are you willing to start making choices so the rest of your life can be less complicated? Why not start today?