Holistic health and wellness may not quite be our traditional model of medicine, but it is widely accepted that there are eight Pillars of Wellness:

  1. Physical
  2. Nutritional
  3. Emotional
  4. Social
  5. Spiritual
  6. Intellectual
  7. Financial
  8. Environmental

To create a life in balance it’s essential to be mindful of all eight pillars, and it’s much the same in business too! Behind the scenes at Rowan House our team works in balance and (mostly) harmony to ensure that our practitioners and customers feel welcome and well cared for throughout their wellness journey.

Want to meet them? Here they are!

Spiritual Wellness: Rachel, Practice Manager

To truly create a life in balance you need to blend in elements from all eight pillars of wellbeing and I really think it’s the same in business.  We are a small team who rely on each other and it takes all of us to create a seamless, and welcoming experience for our customers and practitioners, ensuring the wellbeing and success of the centre.  We have lots of fun at work but take our responsibility seriously to ensure that the centre only adds to every individual’s wellbeing journey.  As a team we strive for kindness, compassion and positivity and hope that this seeps out and can be felt throughout the centre, creating a professional yet supportive environment that promotes health and wellbeing.

One of my passions is getting out and about talking about the centre and the industry and there is nowhere more important than within our local community.  I see ourselves very much a part of our village and I personally love being involved and getting the centre involved with local events, campaigns and groups.

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Later this year we are opening a café at the centre which will be open to centre users, the entire community and anyone else looking for a healthy and vibrant place to meet and refuel.  The café is called Kin which means people, family and of a kind and has been designed with this in mind.  The café has an open plan working kitchen and the layout is arranged to facilitate connection and communication – the spirit of the centre.

Nutritional Wellness: Laura, Chef and Café Manager

I love the creativity of my role, my goal is to make the new Rowan House café a welcoming space for all, where making healthy choices isn’t just easy, but totally natural. As a chef I’m really passionate about using high quality, local produce, to ensure that we’re supporting the local community and being as environmentally responsible as possible. There will be lots of delicious vegetarian, vegan and low sugar treats on the menu, but we won’t be making it obvious, you’ll just have to let us know if you can tell the difference!

Environmental Wellness: Jodie, Assistant Manager

Little touches are what make a good experience a great experience.  My goal is to make Rowan House a positive, welcoming environment that’s great to work in and even better to visit for a treatment!  Whether it be working with our cleaning team, reporting maintenance issues, updating our magazine supply or creating ambient play lists; I try to view the centre from the eyes of our customers.  I am also responsible for how the centre is viewed from afar and have recently worked on our new website and am proud to have completed this prior to my current maternity leave.

Social & Emotional Wellbeing: Reception Team

Emily: It’s fair to say that I wear quite a lot of hats… my role varies from meeting and greeting customers, answering the phone and replying to emails to managing therapist’s diaries, keeping on top of admin and even making sure that the reception is a welcoming place to be. People appreciate personal touches, so we make a real effort to have a chat to customers – we’re on a first name with most of our regulars – and ensure that our therapists have everything they need to do their job well, even if that means turning the bed round before they arrive so it’s facing the way they prefer! It’s a lot of small jobs, but they can make such a big difference.

Jessica: The team at Rowan House has a real family feel to it which includes our practitioners.  As part of my reception duties my role is making sure every customer is greeted with a warm smile and leaves feeling better from visiting the centre.  One of my specific roles is helping our practitioners to connect with one another, so they’re not locked away in their rooms all day; relationships are so important, even at work! If you’re a local practitioner or therapist interested in working from Rowan House, I may well be the one showing you around and answering your questions, so feel free to get in touch!

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Gemma – Wow where do I start, life on reception is never dull.  Working part time I work the same shifts each week and have hence formed a close working relationship with certain therapists.  I see my role as ensuring they have everything they need to be able to focus solely on their clients and making their visit as stress free as possible with a welcoming and familiar face behind the desk.

Physical Wellness: Jack, Head of Maintenance

Just like regular exercise helps to keep our bodies safe, regular maintenance keeps Rowan House looking smart and well cared for. From changing lightbulbs and moving furniture to painting walls or converting office space into studios my role is vast and varied. It certainly helps to keep me fit and luckily, if I’ve done a bit too much lugging and lifting, there’s an osteopath just up the corridor to fix me up! Building the new studio has been a real labour of love and I’m so pleased our customers love the new space.

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Intellectual Wellness: Maxine, Operations Manager

My job is to make things happen, whether that’s supporting Laura with getting the café up and running or making sure Jack had everything he needed to convert our beautiful new studio. I’m also responsible for all the little bits that are essential to running a business, like insurance renewals, developing the online booking systems and paying the electricity bill! It might sound boring to some but there’s nothing I love more than a good old box ticking exercise. Give me a list of checks and balances to work through and I’m a happy woman. Of course I get thrown the odd curveball too, just this morning I was trying to locate a septic tank in woodland… more on that another time!

Financial Wellness: Claire, Finance Manager

Financial wellness may not sound that exciting but actually most people report it as one of the biggest stressors in life. Get your money sorted and it can really lighten the load. Here at Rowan House I ensure our finances are run smoothly so everyone can get on with their individual roles. I’ve worked here for 22 years and switching from a business centre to a therapy centre has been a real adventure. Therapists think and work very differently to more business-minded people and I’ve really enjoyed adapting my role to ensure they are well informed and supported.