Ayurveda is a comprehensive 5,000 year old system of herbal medicine, whose origins are closely related to Yoga. It understands how to bring harmony back to the body, mind and senses and in the process treats symptoms. Here are a few causes of migraines according to Ayurveda; hormonal imbalances, indigestion, emotional stress, muscular tension or certain foods/chemicals. These sources amongst others can trigger both chronic headaches and migraines. For successful treatment it is important to understand the initial cause of the migraines/chronic headaches, which can extend far back in a person’s history. Here are a few examples of some of the causes of migraines and possible treatments.

Digestive imbalance

In both prevention and treatment of migraines a well-functioning digestive system is important. In Ayurveda the balance of the digestive system is understood to be crucial for the maintenance of health and disease prevention. Ideally there should be daily bowel movements, no indigestion, no bloating and no acid reflux. If there are any symptoms of digestive disturbance along with migraines then these need to be addressed immediately. This can be done by;

  • Supplementing the health of the gut with probiotics, cleansing the gut with food or herbs, balancing the digestive secretions with specially formulated herbal teas, herbs or dietary support.
  • Treating the digestive system both helps in alleviating migraines as well as preventing future ones. Through re-balancing the digestive system sensitivities to certain foods or chemicals can be reduced or even eliminated over time, thus them no-longer being triggers for migraines.

When you feel a chronic headache or migraine coming on try eating immediately a handful of raisins or black grapes, albeit extremely simple for some it can give amazing relief.

Emotional imbalance

Emotional patterns can play a big role in chronic headaches/migraines. Often they are triggered by a build-up of stressful situations, particularly when one is encountering situations in discord with their inner wishes. Alternatively, they can be particularly triggered by situations which stimulate feelings of anger or jealousy. If an emotional trigger is suspected then there are many tools available to help to balance the effects of those feelings. Ultimately, a path is set to reduce the prevalence of those feelings, and hence removing triggers leading towards migraines.

Yogic breathing techniques can be a great lifeline here. From a ‘cooling breathing technique’ for anger induced headaches to a ‘left nostril/right nostril breathing technique’ for stress induced migraines. Daily meditation or breathing techniques can help to build an emotional equilibrium, which can long-term help to prevent migraines.

Check out my website for simple meditation and breathing technique videos.

Physical imbalance

If the musculature particularly in and around the neck region is particularly tight then there is a greater propensity for migraines and chronic headaches to occur as the energy/nerve conduction to the head/brain is impaired. You can learn to release tight muscles yourself through certain yoga techniques or you can seek assistance from others with regular warm oil massage treatments.

Ayurveda uses a large range of herbal oils, which are warmed to help penetration. They help to improve nerve conduction, skin and muscle tissue elasticity and to restore overall balance. By regularly receiving massage you maintain elasticity to the tissues and correct poor posture, all of which left unchecked can lead to migraines. Certain pressure points can instantaneously help to alleviate migraines. These again can be instructed so that during a migraine you can apply them to yourself or get someone else to do it for you, this can provide immediate relief.

For example; gently massage the temples with lavender infused oil, this can be good for those headaches which are induced by tension or stress. Use sandalwood infused oil for those induced by heat and irritation.

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