Teen Yoga

Teen Yoga is a class that is specifically designed to introduce children, over the age of 10 years,  to the benefits of Yoga & Meditation whilst in a safe and non-judgmental environment. Fun is one of the main focuses of the class, so the yoga poses and breathing techniques will be explored through flows, games and group work. .
There are multiple benefits that can be obtained from participating in a Yoga class. The main focus of this class is to provide each individual with a range of skills that promote positive physical and mental wellbeing.
Physically, each individuals strength, awareness of the body, flexibility and coordination will improve. Each participant will gain skills that will enable them to increase their focus and concentration. Lastly we will be looking at different relaxation techniques that can be used during revision and exam periods at school.

Children aged 10 – 17 years

The class is 45 minutes long.
The sessions will run every Thursday from 20th April 2017

There is room for a maximum of 15 children.
Drop in price – £5

6 session block booking – £25  

Yoga Instructor

Stephanie Townsend

Stephanie also teaches Children and Parent Yoga  at Rowan House