Resourced Embodied Awareness (REA)

Our society does not give us very good instructions for how to use the mind and body we were born with.  So very few people, probably less than 5% of the population, have a resilient mind-body relationship.  Resourced Embodied Awareness (REA) is a collection of tools Andrew has brought together and developed – for making the best of who we can be.  A core part of REA is mindfulness, but it is much more than just mindfulness.  Research by the US military into PTSD, along with other brain research over the past 20 years, has shown that there is a proper relationship between mind and body.  If that ideal relationship is cultivated, we are physically and emotionally resilient – we become “trauma-proof”.

There is a small amount of education – so that you understand how your body and mind have linked together over hundreds of millions of years of evolution.  Once you understand the principles of REA, then Andrew help you to put them into practice by guiding your awareness.  So this becomes an experience of embodiment (rather than just a theory).

Andrew Cook – Craniosacral therapist explains: When used in one-to-one sessions (either on its own or when using Craniosacral bodywork), I find REA is absolutely fundamental to treat PTSD or shock, and it makes for far more efficient treatment in many other cases of physical injury.  In some situations it can literally prevent years of treatment being necessary.  Physical conditions which I have seen respond positively include Migraines, circulation problems, dizziness, lack of physical coordination, “untreatable” chronic pain and chronic fatigue.  Much of what we think of as “mental” and “emotional” is actually a physiological (body) state – and REA helps us to be more at peace with life and be more able to step outside our usual comfort zone.  Along with this come general health benefits as the immune system works more effectively. !

Individual treatments last about 1 hour.  Weekend and evening workshops are also planned for 2016.

This does vary between individuals, because there can be quite a lot of initial un-learning of unhelpful patterns.  Most people can learn the basics in about 6 sessions.  However, there is almost no end to the depth you can go to with these principles – it’s really up to you.

  • £46 for 1 hours treatment of adults

Andrew offers a discount for multiple sessions paid in advance – see

 Andrew Cook works from Rowan House on a Thursday for more information and to contact Andrew directly please follow the link to his profile or visit his website



Andrew Cook