Relaxation Massage

It is a full body massage using hands and forearms with oil, and combines a variety of massage techniques.  The pressure applied is dependent on the preference of the client; it can be gentle or deep or a combination.

The purpose of my massage is to be enjoyable and nurture the body, so while I might apply deep pressure, the pressure should never hurt.

The aim of the massage is to create a deep state of relaxation and well-being and ease tension by improving blood circulation, increasing oxygen supply to the soft tissues and creating more fluidity in the fascia.

Massage is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension and older injuries which have left adhesions within the soft tissues, causing discomfort and lack of mobility.

In addition: It can help with stress related problems such as poor sleeping patterns, poor digestion and tense muscles.
It can help you breathe more easily. It brings about a sense of well being and connection with the body.

Appointment can be between 60 or 90 minute.
Regular massage is ideal; once a week, once a month or a few times a year. However ad hoc sessions are also beneficial.
Treatments start at £25

To find out more please visit Christine’s website by clicking this link

Shasta is available for treatments Wednesday through to Saturday, to find out more please follow this link.

To read more about the massage therapists at Rowan House and to contact them directly, please follow the link to their individual pages.
Alice James-Smith is available for treatments on Monday and Fridays
Ali Mills is available for treatments on Tuesday morning’s.
Christine Morling is available for treatments on Friday, Saturdays and Mondays
Clare Corcoran is based at Rowan House on a Tuesday, for more information please follow the link.
Kerri Anema is based at Rowan House Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and is able to offer appointments throughout the day and evening. She is also able to offer Saturday appointments.
Tracey Meades is available for treatments on Tuesday and Friday’s.