Reiki is an healing system whereby the Reiki practitioner channels energy from the atmosphere into the client by touching or hovering the hands over the recipients body.  It is a natural healing system that helps to activate the clients own natural healing process, helping to restore balance to the client physically, mentally and emotionally.

With its origins in Japan, the word Reiki translates literally as ‘Universal Life Energy’.

The practitioner will lay their hands on or just above the client’s fully clothed body in a series of positions and transfer of energy will occur.  The recipient may feel a variety of sensations throughout the treatment including heat, cold, tingling or sometimes nothing at all.

No two treatments are the same, as our minds and bodies are generally in a different state of flux from day to day.  The subtle energies will help balance the client on all levels.

Reiki is useful for both physical problems and can be very helpful for those experiencing stress and tension.  Reiki works on both the mind and body on a deep level to help the client relax totally.

Sessions are generally 60-75 minutes.

This depends totally on the clients needs.  Monthly sessions can be taken to help with particular situations or on-going problems or treatment can be used as a one-off in some cases.

Prices start from £30.

To read more about Reiki practitioners based at Rowan House and to contact them directly, please follow the link to their individual pages.

Gill Wright is based full time at Rowan House and is able to offer appointments Monday-Saturday.  Gill is also able to offer Reiki Attunements, follow the link to read more.


Gill Wright


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