Personal Training

Personal training is 1-1 with a client, helping them achieve their goals. Every client has different goals they wish to achieve such as losing weight or building muscle and strength, where as others may want to improve flexibility and balance or if a client plays sport they may want specific sport training.
Design training sessions that are specific to the clients goals, fitness testing, nutritional advice, motivate the client, support the client during the session and between sessions and take body composition tests to ensure progress is being made.

Personal Training can help with many conditions and can prevent them, three of the most common conditions include obesity Its a common health problem in the UK that’s estimated to affect around one in every four adults and around one in every five children aged 10 to 11. Heart Disease which is helped by regular exercise as it lowers blood pressure, helps maintain a healthy weight and reduces cholesterol, Arthritis can be improved as studies show that exercise is safe and effective in reducing pain and stiffness and improving range of motion and overall strength in people with arthritis. Plus, the physical activity will help you lose weight, which means less pressure on your joints.

£35.00 for a one of session

Or buy 10 sessions for £300.00.

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Personal Trainer

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