Men’s Meditation Classes Norwich

Meditation is the art of reaching a state of thoughtless awareness, where you can clear the mind of ‘mind chatter’.  During meditation you remain aware of whom you are, where you are and listen to your inner voice/soul/spirit.

Meditation is becoming more popular.  People are turning to mediation perhaps to find peace in this frantic world we live in.  Meditation enables people to focus on the moment rather than dwelling on the past and/or looking into the future.

During this session you’ll practice simple meditation and mindfulness techniques to help reduce stress and tension. Improve your patterns of sleep and relaxation by learning how to turn off the constant mind chatter caused by excessively busy work and personal lives.

So why not treat yourself to some YOU time….switch  off, relax and unwind.

As meditation can give us the tools to mental peace and tranquillity, it’s used as a form of general relaxation, stress and anxiety reduction and can help with depression.
 Meditation takes practice as you gradually train your brain to relax and switch off from everyday thought.  Regular classes will help you learn different meditation techniques which can be practiced daily.  Your teacher will encourage you to try and meditate for 5-10 minutes each day at home or work.
£5.00 per person, per session.
Please contact Paul for more information.
 Paul Barratt is a Hypnotherapists who works from Rowan House on a Monday.  Paul’s Meditation sessions are held on alternative Thursday’s.  The classes are drop in and cost £5 per session.  For more information on Paul please follow this link

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Paul Barratt