Sports Massage

Sports massage tends to be a deep tissue and intense treatment, combining a variety of massage techniques to promote healing and release muscle tension which builds up during physical activity.

Sports massage incorporates a combination of deep pressure massage, myofascial release, stretching and soft tissue release, trigger point techniques (similar to acupressure) on and around the affected area to release tension and increase mobility in the muscles.

A sports massage therapist will bring together their knowledge of a sport/activity and hands on practical techniques to work with the client and their individual requirements.

A sports therapist will vary their techniques depending on the nature of the injury and level of training and can work with individuals during rehabilitation, pre and post event or as part of a maintenance programme to keep muscles flexible and those niggles at bay.

Sports massage is suitable for soft tissue injuries and sports injuries which have resulted from exercise and sport activities.

Whether it is a consequence of training for a marathon, a game of tennis or a Sunday golf match regular treatments can help keep muscles healthy. Sports massage is not just for the sports person.

Those who undertake repetitive movements throughout the working day can also benefit from the techniques used in sports massage to reduce tension in the muscle fibres

Sessions can last between 30 & 120 minutes depending on the sports injury and area affected.
This depends entirely on the nature of the ailment and type of sport injury, however 2-6 sessions as a guide either weekly or fortnightly.

Regular maintenance sessions are also advised every 6 weeks or so to prevent injuries reoccurring.

Prices start from £33 per hour
To read more about the massage therapists at Rowan House and how to contact them directly, please follow the link to their individual pages.

Ali Mills is based at Rowan House on Tuesdays, for more information please follow the link.

Clare Corcoran is based at Rowan House on a Thursday and Friday and offers appointments through out the day and early evening.

Kerri Anema is based at Rowan House Monday to Friday and is able to offer morning appointments and Wednesday evenings other times on request.

Tracey Meades is based at Rowan House on Tuesday and Friday’s, for more information please follow the link.