Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is ultimately a relaxing massage that works with firmer pressure than a general treatment. It focuses on the deeper layers of soft tissue (the muscle, tendons and fascia).

During a deep tissue massage the therapist will use slow strokes and deep pressure over and into the affected and surrounding area, allowing the blood and oxygen to circulate more efficiently through the soft tissue fibres. This releases toxins and congestion in the muscle to allow the muscle fibres, tendons and fascia to glide and move without restriction.

Deep tissue massage is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension and older injuries which have left adhesions within the soft tissues, causing discomfort and lack of mobility. The purpose of a deep tissue massage is to ‘unstick’ the soft tissue fibres while releasing tension and aiding relaxation.

Sessions can last between 30 & 120 minutes depending on the area affected and particular ailment.

Regular massage is the key to a healthy body but ad hoc sessions can be taken

Prices start from £22 per half hour

To read more about the massage therapists at Rowan House and to contact them directly, please follow the link to their individual pages.

Clare Corcoran is based at Rowan House on a Tuesday, for more information please follow the link.

Kerri Anema is based at Rowan House Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and is able to offer appointments throughout the day and evening.  She is also able to offer Saturday appointments.

Shasta Waters is available for treatments at Rowan House Wednesday through to Saturdays, for more information please follow the link.

Tracey Meades is available for treatments on Friday and Saturday’s