Health Coach

A Health Coach is a wellness professional trained to support, educate and empower you to find your own personalised way to better health.

We help you discover health promoting food and lifestyle choices unique to your needs and teach you how to include them in your life for positive, lasting change

Unlike any other health discipline, Health Coaches support you to balance all areas of your life – not just nutrition & exercise – to achieve real and optimum health. We support you to balance and align body, mind and spirit. It is only when considering each of these areas and how they are entwined, that real heath is achievable.

I am Simone Gilbert, certified integrative health and vitality coach. I’m a wife, a Mum and a business owner. I know first-hand the pressures of the “modern woman”. Having struggled with and healed from chronic illness, as well as nurtured my daughter from ill-health back to wellness, I know what it is like to be a “sick mum of a sick child”.

My passion for health and wellness turned into an obsession and profession when I discovered there is a whole new world of holistic options to reclaim one’s health beyond conventional medicine.

It begins with nutrition, yes, but it is much more.

My focus now is to educate, inspire & empower women around the globe to take mindful, conscious and amazing care of themselves, avoid health crises and live with health and vitality.

With my innate understanding of people and their needs, as well as my experience, extensive research and study, I get to the root cause of ill-health and thus understand where health-blockers sit. This enables me to support clients to fully know their illness and begin the healing process.

I have inspired and supported family, friends and colleagues, as well as clients around the globe, to integrate diet and lifestyle changes that support sustained health and vitality.

I graduated from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition – the world’s largest and most respected nutrition and coaching institute. I have been taught and mentored in the field of coaching, diet and lifestyle by over 100 worldclass educators who are leading physicians, researchers, doctors, nutrition and coaching experts at the forefront of the health and wellness movement including Mark Hyman, Andrew Weil, Gabriel Bernstein, Bernie Siegel and David Wolfe.

I’m proudly a member of the International Association of Health Coaches as well as the UK Health Coaches Association.

“It’s an extraordinary time in medicine, because those people who have provided health in the past, mainlydoctors, are not going to be the people who create health in the future. Those are going to be health coaches.” – Mark Hyman, MD

Do you suffer with “unexplained” health issues? Time after time the Doctors tell you “you are fine” and STILL youknow that something is wrong. Or you have been given a diagnosis with little explanation and a “take themedication” edict but you are worried and you know there must be another way to get you well again….

I help my clients overcome a wide variety of illnesses and conditions. If you suffer with any of the following,

• Persistent weight problems
• Ongoing lethargy
• Digestive problems – “IBS”, heartburn/GERD, IBD
• Insomnia
• Skin problems – depigmentation, eczema, acne
• Hair thinning/loss
• Allergies, asthma
• OR, you just don’t feel “right”

Get in touch to book your complimentary 45-minute Health Insight Call with me where we can discuss your particular challenges and formulate a plan to get you back to health, by clicking this link.

My consulting process begins with a complimentary 45-minute Health Insights call. This call gives you time and space to outline your health history and us to establish your goals and the right programme for you. Together we develop an appropriate plan to support your improved health.

All consultations beyond this call are 1 hour in duration.

Health Foundations Program
Get clear on what the health foundations are and how neglecting them can impact your health and wellbeing. Develop a lifestyle – using these foundations – that better aligns with your requirements and use this formula to reclaim your health and vitality.

• 1:2:1 Coaching program
• 6-weeks duration
• Weekly 1-hour calls with session notes and recommendations
• Email support between session
• Access to a bank of recipes
• Automatic inclusion to an online group for additional support

In just 6 weeks your life, outlook & body can be transformed, your sleep improved, your energy levels consistent and
weight issues a thing of the past… .

1-2-1 Women’s Complete Wellness Program

• 1-2-1 Coaching Program
• 6-month duration
• Bi-weekly 1-hour calls with session notes and recommendations
• Email support between sessions
• “Cooking with your Coach” session – personalised session to give you confidence to prepare wholesome &
delicious meals at home
• Automatic inclusion on Quarterly Detox program
• Access to a database of recipes
• Membership to a private Facebook group for year-round support and camaraderie

6-months is the proven time-frame to fully integrate new habits into our lives. My 6-month program supports you to fully understand your health challenges, create new habits by “tweaking” daily decisions and choices and comprehensively incorporate my health foundations into your world.

Don’t let another year slip by not feeling your best. It’s time to be well; time to take your health and happiness seriously!

If you have the will and courage to go after your dreams and are ready to take real and daily action, I have the knowledge and know-how to help you make them a reality.

There is no “typical” consultations, other than they are all one hour. Bio-individuality says that we are each unique and no two clients will have the exact same needs. Thus in each of your 1-hour consultations we cover dietary modifications required as well as unlocking and releasing blocks in all other aspects of your life that hinder your wellbeing. I leave no stone unturned in search of your unique health formula!

Each session finishes with a commitment by my client to incorporate agreed steps into their life to support their healing process until next we meet to gradually integrate simple yet powerful changes to support health and vitality.

My coaching style is compassionate, kind and a little zany. I love to share a laugh!

You are welcome to visit my website where you will find more information about my work, my eBooks & blogs, a bank of recipes as well as the capacity to book your Health Insight call and/or sign up for my newsletter.

Health Coach

Simone Gilbert