Antenatal / Postnatal Physiotherapy Led Pilates

At Rowan House, Jenna Sweeney, experienced Women’s Health Physiotherapist will be running courses of both antenatal and postnatal Pilates for ladies wishing to remain fit and active in their pregnancy and their first postnatal year.

During pregnancy, there are increased biomechanical demands upon the body and low intensity, impact core stability Pilates can be a safe and effective way to address these physiological needs and remain strong, supple and active before and during pregnancy, and after birth. Pilates focuses on coordination and coactivation of your core as a whole, to promote synergy of your musculoskeletal system, and assist you in becoming in tune with your physical needs and abilities.

It can also be a great class to network with other mums.

Pilates develops your core muscles, which work constantly to anticipate and react to load placed upon the trunk and pelvis.

A physiotherapist has an advantage when running a Pilates class by applying their specialist knowledge and experience of the human anatomy, musculoskeletal, neurological, and circulatory system function compared to a trained instructor.

A postgraduate trained Women’s Health Physiotherapist has extended knowledge of the physiological changes that take place during motherhood, and the effects this has upon the core musculoskeletal system. Antenatal and Postnatal Pilates classes are directed towards promoting a healthy active pregnancy for both you and your baby, and prevention of common Antenatal and Postnatal conditions.

With Jenna’s 10 years’ experience as a Physiotherapist, she can offer you the one to one support and opportunity to ask questions, and in doing so reassure you and give you the confidence to exercise at a precious time in your life. Unlike a regular Pilates class, throughout the class there will be guidance and education on subjects such as your ideal posture, ways to relieve certain aches in pregnancy and tips for the physical strains you may experience in the postnatal period.

Pilates is a safe way to exercise in pregnancy for those who have managed to remain active, it can prevent and treat pregnancy related Lower Back Pain, Pelvic Girdle Pain, Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD),  Rectus Diverification, incontinence issues and many other muscuoskeletal complaints found in the antenatal and postnatal period. For ladies who are concerned they may have symptoms of the above, it is advisable to have a one to one session for assessment first with Jenna prior to considering the class so your individual needs can be focused upon.

There are 6 sessions in a course, signing up for the course will secure you a place for the 6 weeks.

Booking onto the six week course will give the opportunity for Women’s Health Physiotherapist Jenna Sweeney to get to know your individual physical capabilities and needs, and adapt things as you progress through your pregnancy and postnatal year, in order to provide a smoother progression for you than drop in sessions may allow.

  • £56 for the 6 week course
Jenna Sweeney is a specialist women’s health physiotherapist who runs ante/postnatal Pilates classes from Rowan House on a Wednesday.

For the full programme of classes held at Rowan House please follow this link to our class timetable

Babies pre crawling age can come along with mums to the postnatal classes

For the full programme of classes held at Rowan House please follow this link to our class timetable


Jenna Sweeney