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Baby Massage Norwich

Baby massage is a long standing tradition where a parent or primary carer lovingly strokes or holds their baby.

Soothing holds or rhythmic strokes are given to the baby in a sequence developed over many years.

The role of an instructor is to support parents/care givers to promote positive touch and communication through massage.
In a baby massage course you will be taught:

  • Massage strokes for legs, feet, stomach, chest, arms, hands, face and back
  • A short colic routine – Gentle movements and touch relaxation
  • The best time and for how long to massage
  • What baby massage oils to use
  • How to adopt the strokes for your baby’s individual needs and the growing child
Baby massage has benefits for both the baby and parent/carer. Its primary benefit is to promote bonding and secure attachment helping your baby feel loved, valued and respected.

As a result it can reduce crying and emotional distress, increase relaxation and promote sleep. The massage strokes themselves can provide relief from wind, colic, constipation and teething discomfort.

Baby massage classes are not just about learning strokes, they are designed to relax your baby and you and include time for informal discussions on the joys and challenges of parenting. Sessions can therefore last up-to 90 minutes.
Baby massage courses are taught in a group or on a one to one basis over a 5 week period. This gives both parent and baby time to learn and become accustomed to massage.
A course of 5 sessions is £50 in a group setting. (Discounts available for bookings of over 3 people at once)

Rachel Pailes works at Rowan House as a Certified Infant Massage Instructor with the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM).  She is also a Chartered Physiotherapist who specialises in working with children and in particular babies.  Her previous work within the NHS involved working with babies and families on the special care baby unit at The Royal London Hospital.  Here she experienced the power of positive touch and its benefits not only for the baby but the entire family unit.  Rachel works impartially and welcomes all families and babies including ex-premature infants, infants with additional needs and multiples.

2018 Classes:

  • 6 session course (£55) Friday 26th January – Friday 2nd March plus partners session Saturday 10th March 11-12.30pm (please note no Friday class 9th February).
  • 5 session course (£50) Monday 26th February – Monday 26th March 12.30 – 2pm
  • 6 session course (£55) Thursday 3rd May – Thursday 31st May 12.45 – 2.15 pm plus partners session Saturday 2nd June 10.30 – 12am
  • 5 session course (£50) Thursday 26th July – Thursday 23rd August 12.45 – 2.15 pm.

The IAIM is a global organisation and the world class standard for the training and teaching of baby massage. Its founder, Vimala McClure was the first to develop a programme for teaching parents how to massage their babies. For more information on baby massage and the IAIM go to