Active Baby Yoga

BabyFit Active Baby Yoga is a class to help and support your baby’s journey from rolling and sitting to independent movement. This transition can often be frustrating for you both, as your baby learns more about their body and how it can move.
This class will not only aid your baby’s development, help their balance and co-ordination and build their confidence but will also be interactive and fun for you both. Each class is balanced with movement, play and relaxation in a secure, safe and welcoming environment.
Using songs and action rhymes you will give your baby exciting new challenges while moving together.
Active Baby Yoga is suitable from when your baby can sit independently and showing a desire to move to approximately 18 months.
The class is an hour long and includes a balance of movement, play and relaxation. Although please do not worry about the words active baby and relaxation being used together. It is an introduction, not forced or essential!
Each block lasts 6 weeks.
The six week course is £50 and includes mats, cushions and props. 
Please visit to find out more, or make a booking. Alternatively please call Debbie on 07868750660.


See our Class Timetable for the full program of classes held at Rowan House. 

Active Baby Yoga Instructor

Debbie Bagley