For many of us as soon as the clock strikes 12 on Dec the 31st we make a snap decision to give something up, smoking, drinking or doughnuts perhaps. No doubt we undertake these sacrifices with the best intentions yet 90% of all New Year resolutions fail.

So why do resolutions fail so miserably and how do we go about completing one successfully? The key to success is in the planning. As mentioned above, most resolutions are made on the spur of the moment and the trouble with this is our mind and body dislike shocks to the system. We’re averse to being deprived of something from which pleasure was once gained and so we constantly default back to our previous setting or perhaps even worse find a substitute to bring similar rewards.


Perhaps you feel it’s too early to start thinking about your New Year resolution when you haven’t even carved the turkey but planning your resolution well in advance will give your mind and body time to become accustomed to what’s going to happen on January the 1st or whenever the ‘new you’ start date is scheduled.


For a successful resolution it’s great to reach for the stars but reaching for another galaxy is perhaps a little optimistic so think your resolution through thoroughly and ensure it’s realistic. Be specific and go into detail. Set yourself small achievable targets and keep a regular record of your progress. Once your resolution has started praise yourself when you’ve done well and if you haven’t done as well as expected acknowledge what went wrong and motivate yourself to improve. If you feel it will help, tell those that are close to you of your resolution as they can offer moral support and encouragement in times of need.

And finally remember resolutions aren’t necessarily about giving something up they can just as easily be about starting something new. So why not pencil time in your diary for you, whether it’s for treatments or just to allow yourself an hour to unwind. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel when you do this on a regular basis.