So many people feel overwhelmed and stressed. Most of us are juggling several different roles, struggling to get everything done or dealing with challenging life changes/circumstances. In Chinese Medicine, stress is considered energetically in the body as it is manifested in different ways, depending on our individual strengths and weaknesses. Acupuncture can help to move our stuck energy, release stagnation, and make us feel stronger when we are feeling vulnerable.

Next time you start to feel stressed, you can observe what is going on in your body. Are you feeling knots in your tummy? This may be linked to the earth element’s emotion of worry and overthinking. Perhaps you are stressed because you’re not feeling centred, having recently moved house or jobs? You may need to focus more on improving your diet. The Chinese Organs of Stomach and Spleen are not just for digesting food – they help with the digestion of ideas too. There are some marvellous acupuncture points to help strengthen our Earth. And a good diet of warm nourishing food supports our ability to overcome our vulnerabilities.

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Perhaps your stressed energy feels as though it is rising up to your head manifesting in headaches, migraines, or preventing you from getting off to sleep? This is Wood energy rising up within your body. Acupuncture points can help to bring the energy back down and get it circulating around our bodies. Visualisations can also help to strengthen our roots – and a foot massage, focusing on the point Kidney 1 (on the base of the foot) can help to ground us when we feel our energy is rising up too much.

Sometimes stress is inevitable. Life events may lead us to feeling the sadness of Metal energy. Often after a loss (a bereavement, loss of a relationship or job) our energy can sink, like the energy of Autumn where the leaves fall gracefully from the trees. Whilst it is natural to grieve, acupuncture can prevent these feelings becoming overwhelming and stop them getting ‘stuck’ in our bodies. Both of the Metal Organs of Lung and Large Intestine have jobs in Chinese Medicine of ‘letting go’ – of air and waste products. If you are stressed and suffering from constipation or shallow breathing (and you’ve had all the relevant Western Medicine checks), consider what else you are reluctant to let go of in your life.

So, why is acupuncture so useful for dealing with stress?
1. You can talk in confidence to someone who isn’t going to judge you. This can be extremely useful in itself to move energy and release stress.
2. You get to lie down, relax and do nothing for 20 minutes whilst the needles are doing their job. What a treat! In my experience, most people find acupuncture deeply relaxing and sleep better after their treatments.
3. Acupuncture points; These are not randomly selected by the acupuncturist. Point functions have been observed and developed over thousands of years – that’s a lot of case studies! Each treatment is individually tailored to tackle how your stress is affecting both your mind and body. Often aches and pains are just physical manifestations of an unhealthy mind. An acupuncturist will observe what is happening with the energy in your body, using several diagnostic methods including pulse taking and palpation.
4. An ideal treatment will not only help the patient tackle their current stress but will also aim to strengthen and nourish them so as to prevent energetic imbalances in the future. Lifestyle changes, of course, play a big part in this preventative approach.

So next time you feel yourself getting stressed, perhaps think about booking an acupuncture treatment to get you back on track – you may find that you actually enjoy it!

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