Pregnancy & Parenthood

Helping you on your most exciting journey

Rowan House is home to some of Norfolk’s leading birth educators and postnatal/baby specialists who work together to support you on your unique pathway through pregnancy and early parenthood. Our individual first-class care for mothers-to-be and new families will help you fully prepare for one of the most exciting journeys you will ever take.

Our antenatal services will help you feel confident and positive as you prepare for your birthing experience and caring for a newborn baby. After your birth, we hope to enhance your relationship with your baby, optimise development, safely heal your body and provide a safe and nurturing environment forum for postnatal support.

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Pop-up Cafe

Our award-winning centre is set up with young families in mind with free on-site car parking, buggy access and baby changing facilities.  As well as our many workshops, individual therapies and weekly classes we also run a weekly pop-up cafe for new parents.  Each Friday between 10 am and 12 pm we transform our studio into a welcoming and comfortable cafe setting and provide an opportunity for new parents to connect with local professionals who are able to support families in areas such as breastfeeding, infant development, infant sleep, postnatal recovery, baby-wearing, stress management and more.

Regular Cafe Professionals Include:

Rachel Pailes – Paediatric Physiotherapist

Rachel is a Children’s Physiotherapist with a specialist interest in neonatal and newborn development.  Rachel is fascinated with child development and how children acquire their gross motor skills such as rolling, sitting and walking and how environmental factors impact on how children develop in modern society.  Rachel works alongside colleague Nicola Albert-Worman (Children’s Occupational Therapist) to deliver sessions on optimising newborn and infant development through handling, interaction and play.

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Nicola Albert – Worman – Paediatric Occupational Therapist

Nicola is a qualified Occupational Therapist, who has specialised in working with Children for the past 10 years.  Nicola has worked in a wide range of different settings within the NHS, education and in private practise. Over time Nicola has developed a particular interest in the development of motor skills in children and the relationship between these skills and a child’s ability to be independent with day to day activities as they get older.

Nicola delivers sessions on development alongside physiotherapy colleague Rachel Pailes (Chartered Physiotherapist) exploring, supporting and troubleshooting issues around newborn and infant development.

Kathryn Stimpson – Family Sleep Consultant

“As a certified Sleep Consultant, previous insomnia suffer and mum to Oliver the former sleep thief, I provide you with the solutions to getting your family the sleep you have all been looking for.

Drained, exhausted and unhappy; not the most ideal words to describe my first experience of motherhood. My husband and I were arguing, I was constantly getting ill, crashed my car twice, resented my baby, addicted to sugar, losing my belongings daily as well as my mind.  We hired a sleep expert, which was life-changing, so much so I decided to head off to London to train in Gentle Sleep coaching.  It is now my personal mission to help parents across the globe to get better sleep so they can be healthy, happy and successful.”

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Sam James – The Mum Coach

Sam, is a qualified, experienced life coach who works with women, helping them bring calm and clarity back into their everyday life. She is a mum to two little people herself, and totally gets the rollercoaster of motherhood.  Sam’s sessions aim to share tips on how to create a healthy mindset, so that you can flourish in your role as a mum and all the other things you are juggling in life.  Sam’s sessions are always relaxed and full of useful things you can start using straight away. People who spend time at Sam’s sessions always leave feeling inspired and reassured in equal measures.

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