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Welcome to the phobia surgery at Rowan House.

Firstly I want to say a very big thank you for visiting this page. If you like many others, are held back in what you want to do by a debilitating phobia, it would give me great pleasure to help you live a life free of phobias.

I have worked as a therapist in Norfolk for over 20 years. I have trained as a hypnotherapist, in transactional analysis, and NLP.

I currently specialise in treating phobias using tried and tested NLP techniques. I chose this speciality because of the delight it gives me in seeing lives change. I am especially rewarded by watching the relief and smiles on my clients faces, when they realise that their unwanted behaviour has changed quickly and permanently. I am constantly amazed by the success rates achieved with these techniques.

When we were born, we only had two fears. Fear of falling, (ever had those dreams when you are falling from a great height and thankfully never hit the ground?) and fear of noise (when my daughters were babies they were terrified of the noise that the vacuum cleaner made). All the other fears we learnt, with the sole purpose of keeping us safe. Say for example a lion walked into your room right now, unless you are a lion tamer, I hope that you would be frightened. This reaction pumps adrenaline around your body to enable you to get out of there quickly! Should you choose to, and I wouldn’t advise it, the adrenaline would also help you to fight the lion, or make friends with it!

Phobias are quickly learnt, they are normally traced back to one event. They are, on most occasions, a visual kinaesthetic response, which in English means you see it then you feel it. We don’t need to actually encounter that of which we are frightened, We can start a phobic reaction just by thinking about it. If you’re doing this right now please stop, and think about something happy!

The problem with a phobia, is that it prepares us to run away from, or fight something which is, in reality, not threatening. Phobias impact on our emotions, and can dictate how we live our lives. Living a life of avoidance affects our social, family, and working lives.

The good news is that everyone who has a phobia, can get rid of it, for ever. The even better news is that this can be fun and painless, there is no need to experience your phobia again during therapy. Finally, you don’t need to keep coming back for ongoing treatment.

I always offer a free initial 30 minutes to discuss any concerns you may have, and for you to assess whether you would like to take this forward.

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