Holistic Therapist in Norwich

Gill Wright

Gill is a qualified massage therapist and Reiki master and a member of the Federation of Holisitic Therapists.  She has undertaken post-graduate courses in many other disciplines including Indian head massage, Thai Herbal Compress massage, Hydrotherm massage, ear candling, meditation, hypnotherapy and counselling.

Gill has always had an interest in both playing and watching sports and keeping fit throughout her life.  It was therefore a natural progression for her to retrain in her 30’s as a fitness instructor and originally to supplement this, as a masseuse too.  Over the past 25 years this has developed into her business, which now leans towards a more holistic approach by offering physical therapy as well as helping clients with their mental wellbeing.

‘Through experience I have gained, working with individuals in a safe and relaxed atmosphere, I have found peoples’ physical symptoms are often caused by mental issues such as stress, worry and depression’.

Improve your wellbeing and lifestyle

Gill believes in giving the client the help they need to get better or to improve their wellbeing and lifestyle and in working alongside other professionals for the benefit of her clients.  She often works in conjunction with physical therapists such as osteopaths and physiotherapists and local Pilates and yoga instructors.  She has also recommended hypnotherapy, mindfulness or meditation and possibly counselling where it seemed appropriate.  Other areas of referral include chiropodists, nutritionists, herbalists and she has often been asked the name of a good electrician or plumber!!

‘My philosophy is very much based on my belief, that using a holistic approach to health and welling will give the client, whatever their age and whatever ailments they present with, the ability to become more aware of themselves.  For example, how they work anatomically, physiologically and psychologically and of their awareness in the world they live in, in order to help themselves to good health and wellbeing’.

Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Massage

The majority of Gill’s work is in physical therapy using sports massage or more relaxing deep tissue massage.  Much of her work is helping people with repetitive strain injuries (RSI) due to the repetitive movements in their job for example dentists, builders, long distance drivers and admin/office based workers.  She also sees all types of sports enthusiasts; runners, cyclists, dancers, swimmers and triathletes to name a few.

‘In the hectic world we live in, I try to offer a safe haven, a sanctuary, where the client can relax and have time to themselves.  Whether it be dealing with a sports injury or wanting to vent a little about their day or just wanting a little peace and quiet or often a much needed rest in peaceful surroundings.’



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