Massage / Bowen Therapist and Pilates Instructor

Christine Morling


At school I loved movement,…school sports, dance, physical theatre…and had a particular passion for gymnastics. That led me to a BEd Honors Degree in Movement Studies and Drama, with qualifications in gymnastics and trampoline coaching. I envisioned a career as a gymnastics coach but international travel called instead.

After a long break from exercise, and now living in South Africa, I started taking Pilates classes. What struck me was that I felt better not only physically but also emotionally. I left classes feeling happier and more connected with my body. In 2006, I trained as a Pilates Instructor and returned to my roots as a lover of movement. I am qualified with Body Control Pilates and Top Condition SA.
I have completed various workshops and a Pilates for chronic lower back pain course.

I have years of experience working with people who have back pain, initially in 1:1 sessions.

I teach 1:1 classes, duet and small group classes using Pilates accessories


I trained as a Bowen Technique therapist in 2011 with Bowtech SA. This is a 1:1 hands-on therapy using light pressure to alleviate or resolve pain. It can be effective for back pain, headaches, arthritis, sciatica, TMJ issues, sports injuries and stress related symptoms.

Using Bowen with Pilates can bring long lasting results; Bowen relieving the pain and tension, Pilates creating more body awareness, strength, and ease of movement.


I trained as a Massage Therapist in 2014.

I use a combination of Swedish massage techniques and neuromuscular techniques to create a deep sense of well being and relaxation. The pressure of the massage is adjusted to suit a clients’ needs, and, while I can work with deep pressure, I move away from painful pressure.

“My search in the past two decades has been to find a balance, for myself and for the people whom I help to restore their bodily health. While I love working hard in a class, I have discovered that working with your body, exploring what it is about movement and therapy that feels good for you is one of the pillars of good health. I aim, therefore, to help people connect with their bodies and rediscover the joy of movement and healing power of touch.”

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