MIgraine and HomeopathyMigraine headache is usually a moderate or severe headache. It is understood that it comes from a change in the blood vessels of the head and brain: the blood vessels first become overly constricted and then widen abnormally. However, some experts now believe the cause is related to genes that control the activity of some brain cells.

Many professionals find it difficult to cope with daily routines because of it, or it comes along with other conditions. Some people complain, try to sort it out, while others suffer silently.

Food and MigrainesFrequently triggers speak for themselves: anxiety, stress, lack of food or sleep, exposure to light, hormonal changes in women. A migraine headache is often triggered by psychological stress and an attack rather typically begins when the stress is relieved, for instance in business people with demanding jobs – during weekends. Especially in children, but not only, the first sign you may see is recurrent vomiting. Food sensitivities are common triggers so it makes sense to avoid foods that contain gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, eggs, corn, processed cold-cuts, wine, sulfites and chocolate. Also, foodborne pathogens are tied to migraines.

Women are more likely to get migraines, compared to men, which suggests an oestrogen connection: for instance a sudden drop in oestrogen can trigger a headache. Severe and frequent headaches may indicate an autoimmune disease, and therefore it is vital to a look for medical advice.

Homeopathic RemediesHomeopathy has simple and effective remedies for everyone. Homeopaths are interested about your own particular migraine:

the character of the pain: throbbing, aching, pulsating, burning, etc., where in the head is the pain centred, and where does it radiate from – forehead, temples, the back of your head;
associated symptoms: is vision the affected, digestive symptoms such as nausea;
environmental triggers: sensitivity to wind, atmospheric pressure, change of weather, exposure to sunlight, or certain repeating patterns during the year- month – hours of the day
any known or unaware causations: eating habits, emotions, overwork, alcohol or drugs, something in particular, for how long have you had these headaches;

The questions are extremely relevant to help your homeopath to correctly choose your personal medicine. The migraine is part of the dis-eased trends which may be physical, mental or emotional.

Homeopathy is your choice and if it suits you, your everyday life may get become more comfortable and organized.

Marta Wellner, PhD, LHCEA, RSHom