March 2018 Newsletter – Chronic Pain Taming the Beast

Chronic Pain is defined as pain that persists for more than 3 months or longer than the amount of time healing should usually take after trauma or surgery.

Chronic Pain is less to do with tissue injury and more to do with our Central Nervous System. It’s like the volume button on the Pain System has been left turned up.

Over 28 million in the UK are affected, and 70% of these people are under 60 years old. So if you are one of the lucky ones not to suffer, chances are you have a close friend or family member who does.

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To read A Physiotherapists perspective on Chronic Pain read Mary Green’s article ‘Chronic Pain: Taming the Beast’.

Mary Green – Physiotherapist has a specialist interest in acupuncture and chronic pain and has written about its use and benefits in an article entitled ‘Acupuncture for Chronic Pain’.

Hypnotherapist David McGee has writes about how Hypnotherapy can play an important part in the management of chronic pain.