Quite unhelpfully, Reiki is really rather difficult to explain.

As a Reiki Practitioner I have been told, and will tell you, that Reiki is a Japanese hands on healing system founded by Mikao Usui in the early 20th century, and that I am attuned or have been empowered with the Reiki healing system, and that Reiki translates to English as “Universal Life Energy”.  Which is all correct.

But, what IS that?  You may well ask.
Energy healing has been around for 1000s of years and Mr Usui re-introduced it in the 20th century to bring it back into the mainstream, as much as possible perhaps?

As a Reiki practitioner, I “feel” energy in my hands and around me, and around and emanating from the client’s body.  To many of us this may sound incredulous. To get a better understanding of Reiki, a person needs to experience it.

Scientists seem to be in agreement, in some areas, that all matter is energy, so all living things and natural sources are formed of energy, all vibrating at different densities.  There is also now more understanding that thought transmits as energy, the consciousness as a whole is possibly much more powerful than previously believed.

During a treatment (and I can only describe what I experience, other practitioners may have different experiences) I can tap into this “Universal energy” and transfer it via my hands to the client.  I couldn’t do this, or at least didn’t realise I could do this, before I was introduced to reiki and received an attunement.  In general, feedback from clients is that they feel very relaxed; they feel they have almost been under hypnosis or in a meditative state as the relaxation is often so deep.

• Reiki relaxes mind and body, allowing the body time and space to start to heal itself whether on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level.

• Reiki is a neutral practise, like meditation.

• Reiki has no agenda other than to help with the client’s well-being.

• Reiki is a higher level energy that many of us cannot comprehend.

• Reiki makes you feel better and if you feel better you make better choices.

• Reiki is like meditation delivered to you via your practitioner’s hands.

Your experience of Reiki will be personal to you.  Reiki gives you what you need in the moment.  We all feel different each day, even throughout the day, depending on what we encounter during that day.

We may not understand energy work and how Reiki exists or works, but it is a beautiful, totally natural experience, and it often becomes a way of life.
It really is worth trying a Reiki treatment as one of my clients writes below.

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I decided to try Reiki as I felt I needed a way of relaxing my mind and to help with my work life balance.  Having previous worked in hospitals and within the western medical system, energy therapies were not something I would have ever considered but after a colleague recommended it, I decided to give it a try.

 My physical wellbeing is generally very good, I feel healthy and am lucky to rarely experience aches and pain associated with stress, however I recognised the impact my hectic life was having on my ability to switch off at home and enjoy family life and my children.  I had no expectation from my first Reiki session but instantly felt sensations and a relaxing pressure around my head as the Reiki flowed, these sensations continued to varying degrees throughout my body as the session progressed and therapist altered their position.  I have now been having Reiki every 6-8 weeks and every session is different, sometimes I see colours and sometimes strong sensations such as tingles and shooting feelings in my body but mostly Reiki gives me the most deep sense of relaxation.  The only thing I can compare this to is previous experiences of acupuncture where I would feel weightless and almost floating above the bed, (which I have subsequently learnt also acts on your Chi or energy system).  As a result of regular Reiki sessions (plus personal development strategies and techniques fostered as a result of my sessions) life has definitely found a healthier balance and I know by my emotions and ability to reason when I need another session.

 I would recommend Reiki to anyone who like me feels that they need a way of relaxing and rebalancing particularly if more physical therapies are not the solution or preferred option.
38 year old working mother of 2

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