Pilates with Christine

A mind/body exercise programme, Pilates is low impact exercise done on a mat or specially designed equipment. In matwork classes, small equipment is used, such as balls, bands and weights.

It is a series of exercises designed to flow from one to the other, done with awareness and precision. It is learned incrementally; learn the basic moves, gradually increasing the difficulty so challenging moves are performed safely with good technique.

Pilates improves balance, alignment, co-ordination, concentration, centering, flexibility, breath. Pilates helps you to be aware of how you are moving. While Pilates is known for strengthening core muscles, the aim is to develop all muscles in a balanced way, creating functional movement done with ease.
Anyone; it is adaptable so it can be used for rehabilitation as well as for training extreme athletes.

I offer small group classes for anyone who is healthy or has minor health problems.

I offer 1:1 classes for people with chronic back pain or people needing to get moving after an inury or operation.

1:1 classes are also suitable for anyone wanting a personalized programme.

Classes are booked and paid monthly.

No. You are welcome to book for a month only.

Although Pilates was designed to be done everyday to get maximum benefits, in today’s busy world, 2 classes a week are ideal. But 1 class a week will also have a beneficial impact on health and fitness.

Group classes currently  held on Fridays.  I:I’s available Friday, Saturdays and Mondays


Christine Morling