Spoil Mum or those Mummy’s-to-be this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is approaching us, have you ran out of ideas on what you could do this year?  Maybe you could do with some inspiration?

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Migraines and Homeopathy

Migraine headache is usually a moderate or severe headache. It is understood that it comes from a change in the blood vessels of the head and brain: the blood vessels first become overly constricted and then widen abnormally. However, some experts now believe the cause is related to genes that control the activity of some brain cells. […]

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Migraines – The Key is Normality

According to the Global Burden of Disease Survey 2010, migraine is the 3rd most prevalent disorder and 7th highest specific cause of disability worldwide.  Migraine Action UK states that 1 in 7 people in the UK suffer from migraine affecting twice as many women as men.  […]

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Treatment of migraines and headaches according to Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a comprehensive 5,000 year old system of herbal medicine, whose origins are closely related to Yoga. It understands how to bring harmony back to the body, mind and senses and in the process treats symptoms. Here are a few causes of migraines according to Ayurveda; hormonal imbalances, indigestion, emotional stress, muscular tension or certain foods/chemicals. These sources amongst others can trigger both chronic headaches and migraines. […]

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A Year to Make Changes you Can Keep

A brand New Year and with it for many will come reflection on the previous year and hopes for a happier and healthier year ahead.  Health and Wellbeing goals are often and understandably at the top of the agenda of many New Year’s resolutions; quitting smoking, getting fit, weight loss and improving ‘work life balance’ being some of the top changes that people hope to make.  So why is it so difficult to succeed in making changes? […]

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10 Reasons to do Yoga

1. Relaxation (allows you to step back from your negative emotions, stress, anger, worry, anxiety, regret and makes you appreciate how important the breath is. When we lose our breath focus we lose our way and situations can become out of control quickly) […]

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When was the last time you Relaxed?

Stress or relaxation, it’s your choice.
Think for a moment. When was the last time you relaxed? Can you actually remember what it was like?  Were you calm and collected?  Was your breathing normal?  Were your muscles loose and limp?


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Stress & Acupuncture

So many people feel overwhelmed and stressed. Most of us are juggling several different roles, struggling to get everything done or dealing with challenging life changes/circumstances. In Chinese Medicine, stress is considered energetically in the body as it is manifested in different ways, depending on our individual strengths and weaknesses. Acupuncture can help to move our stuck energy, release stagnation, and make us feel stronger when we are feeling vulnerable.


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Stress & Exercise

Stress helps us to cope with challenging situations in the short term. The body, when stressed is prepared to fight, flight or freeze and is on high alert.  However, if the body is constantly stressed, this is where stress can have a major impact on the body.  So, blood pressure, heart rate and breathing will increase, putting pressure on the heart and other internal organs. Moods can change and irritability and depression can occur.  Eating habits can change, causing weight loss or gain (obesity and diabetes), possibly leading to anxiety.  This will also cause poor digestion, headaches and even alcohol and drug abuse. […]

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The 1001 Critical Days -Conception to Age 2 Period

The 1001 Critical Days – The importance of Conception to Age 2 Period

Developmental Physiotherapist and Infant Massage Instructor Rachel Pailes discusses this crucial period and why Baby Massage is the perfect way to start  infant development out on the right track. […]

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