Chronic Pain – A Physiotherapist’s Perspective

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Chronic Pain: Taming the Beast. Chronic Pain is defined as pain that persists for more than 3 months or longer than the amount of time healing should usually take after trauma or surgery. Chronic Pain is less to do with tissue injury and more to do with our Central Nervous System. It’s like the volume [...]

Hypnotherapy for Pain Management

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Chronic pain (sometimes referred to as long-term pain) is often a complicated issue that can, in some cases, be hard to treat. The pain a chronic pain sufferer has may be resulting from a clear medical condition, however, sometimes there may not be any obvious cause. This doesn’t mean the pain isn’t real; it just [...]

How Yoga can help you achieve your New Year goals

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You may have heard about yoga and how beneficial it can be for you, you may have tried a class or two, or you may never have even considered going to a class.  Regardless of your stance, yoga’s popularity has increased significantly in the UK and worldwide over recent years due to an increasing awareness [...]

8 Tips to Prepare for Birth and Enjoy a Healthy Pregnancy

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From the moment you first find out you are pregnant, life takes a different direction; a new path that is unique and exciting. You watch your baby grow from a seed to a kiwi to water melon and spend hours on Pinterest planning the nursery. However, other than changing your obvious eating and drinking habits [...]

August Newsletter – Holistic Healthcare

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Read our latest newsletter - The Benefits of an Holistic Approach to Health Includes articles by Gill Wright Holistic Therapist on: Could Reiki help you find Life's Balance again? Feedback from Rowan House receptionist and Psychology student Hannah Crust on Mindfulness - What is it all about?

The Benefits of an Holistic Approach to Health

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Wellbeing isn’t just about being happy, wealthy/successful or in good physical health/wellness.  It is about a combination of our love for what we do each day, the security of our finances, the quality of our relationships, the vibrancy of our physical health and our role and contribution to communities (Rath & Harter 2010).  […]

Could Reiki help you find Life’s Balance again?

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Quite unhelpfully, Reiki is really rather difficult to explain. As a Reiki Practitioner I have been told, and will tell you, that Reiki is a Japanese hands on healing system founded by Mikao Usui in the early 20th century, and that I am attuned or have been empowered with the Reiki healing system, and that [...]